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New WTVJ NBC6 Anchor Lineup


With Demarco Morgan off to NYC, that leaves an open anchor spot at NBC6. The new line is:


6P.M.: Tony Segreto and Julia Yarbough (for now). Tony still needs to decide about retiring.
7P.M.: Joel Connable and Jackie Nespral. If Tony retires, Joel will fill his spot.
11P.M.: Jackie Nespral and Julia Yarbough. It’s a tad unusual to see two women at 11, eh?

Well despite Ms. Tisha Lewis going around, boasting about how “she was taking over for Joel when he moves to weekdays”… She didn’t get the anchor seat. The new weekend lineup is:

Weekend Mornings: Sharon Lawson.
Weekend Evenings: Amara Sohn.

Tisha was visibly upset, and was even allegedly overheard complaining to fellow on-air talent about how “she deserved it over Amara and Sharon.” As for Amara Sohn, I like her. I like her look, her style. The only thing I would say is she needs to be more personable on-air. I’ve seen her fill in for Joel Connable a few times, and she’s fairly good. I think she’ll do a fine job. Who knows how all of this will work out in the ratings department. Will two women at 11 be a good thing, or turn some viewers off? Only time will tell.

NBC6 also has some new part-timers. Evan Bacon, a freelance reporter is working part time. Joining Evan is Claudia Decompo, a part-time freelance producer and reporter. It’ll be interesting to see if NBC6 hires one of them full time. After all, they’re going to need a new consumer reporter.


  1. We should keep in mind that this lineup is probably in pencil, not ink. When the merger goes through, I would bet 6 won’t have weekend news at all, and one of the daily newscasts will likely go to. Believe it or not, the 6 will likely go and the 7 will be preserved, so as not to compete with 10 at 6. Or maybe they’ll bring back a 5 o’clock program after the merger, again, so as not to compete directly. Fun? Hardly. Tisha anchoring? Funny. Very funny.

  2. I think the lineup looks pretty good actually. Julia and Jackie seem to be a good team and certainly have better chemistry than Julia and DeMarco did.

    Tisha should not be too upset about that – she is clearly not ready for the anchor desk. Her test two Saturdays ago was not great at all.

    Love Sharon and Amara – both strong journalists who have the maturity to anchor.

    I do agree with the comment that this lineup is in pencil (practically etch-a-sketch)

  3. This line up is a moot point. After the merger Laurie Jennings will be the face of South Florida news on BOTH stations.

  4. Congrats to Amara, going to evenings can definitely be considered a promotion. I’ll miss her teamed up w/ Jennifer Gray on the AMs, though.

  5. Well, I think Tony will get out before the big merger, and join another station in SFL. Yeah, Laurie Jennings will have 2 blocks of TV for her. I was really thinking of Tony as sending him to WFOR…in any concern, P-NW just wanted to eliminate competition and NBC was the weak target to do so. It’s a sad, sad place down there.


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