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Election Day Coverage; Who’s Doing What


Overall in terms of election day coverage it will be pretty much the usual.

WFOR, WTVJ and WPLG will have local coverage during the regular newscasts. National coverage will begin at 6:30pm with each network’s evening newscasts and go on from there until whenever the whole thing ends.

Affiliate stations will break in at designated breaks to show local election results.

WPLG is doing something unique online though. They’re having an Election Day Marathon which will offer live streaming video and election results the whole day.

WSVN as usual is going their own way and leaving Fox’s coverage in favor of their own.

They’ll start at 4pm with the regularly scheduled newscasts. Then at 7pm continuing coverage begins with Belkys and Craig who will stay and “…won’t go off until it’s over,” as Sunbeam’s VP of News Alice Jacobs told Broadcasting and Cable.

Dave Kartunen is in Chicago, IL at the Obama rally. Derek Hayward is in Phoenix, AZ at the McCain rally. Other WSVN reporters will be stationed at local races rallies.

In 2000 when Rick Sanchez and Laurie Jennings anchored they stayed on until 9am. In 2004 Craig and Belkys remained on until around 7-8am the next day.

FOX has offered coverage to their affiliated stations anchored by Shepard Smith.

WPTV will be live today commercial free from 1pm to 5pm on their digital channel. Otherwise all West Palm stations are going with the network, incluing WFLX-FOX.

Being out of state I’ll keep a check on things via the internet I’ll have something up on here later today probably if you want to watch along.

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  1. the ads are killing me
    i find myself yelling at the tv like a mad person
    such moronism

    a few more hours and it’s over, hopefully

  2. would love to see wsvn’s ratings for all of that coverage… it’s certainly not cheap or easy to stay on the news that long.

  3. WFOR was SD all night only so they could put their local banner and logo up. Absurd.

    WTVJ and WPLG were network HD all the way except for the 5-minute local cutouts. HD was fabulous.

    WSVN’s stretch-o-vision was obnoxious at best, and I couldn’t take more than a few seconds of Belkys’ blathering. Also, local coverage was mostly useless as I didn’t really care what was going on in other non-relevant areas. And I really didn’t need to see ‘copter shots of people standing on line in the dark. Big waste of fuel and money.

    WPBT was the big winner IMO, as they presented the most straightforward coverage, and it looked fabulous in HD.

  4. Watched MSNBC all night at the Obama offices, no better place to watch Obama become your Presidet! Incredible night!

  5. I have a question about the other FOx stations, like WTVT in Tampa and KDFW in Dallas. Did any Fox station do what WSVN did?

  6. to the best of my knowledge no
    most FOX stations are pretty weak in the news department

    KDFW had local coverage from 9-10pm central when they have their newscast. WTVT went with FOX network and twice an hour updates.

    WSVN is pretty unique that way that they go it alone for most of these types of things.

    They probably spent a good amount of money doing this, sending Dave and Derek on location. I think the satellite time alone is around $15/minute but the payoff was probably sweet too though. If Fox’s coverage is anything like network primetime when the affiliate station gets something like a minute or two for their own ads I’d guess all the ads they ran from 4pm till 1am paid off. And that’s without firing a heap of people to save money. One benefit of not being owned by someone in a skyscraper in LA or NYC.

  7. If you’re wondering why you don’t have more comments on the most recent posts, it’s because the links don’t work.

    This blog has become a joke.

  8. Jim, it seems all you do is bitch. I’m sorry you don’t like the site, so please feel free to start your own. Otherwise, stop bitching. No one is holding a gun to your head, and making you log on.

  9. um … links eventually die. Sometimes really fast as some sites move the content into paid archives very quickly and kill or forward the original link.

    Very normal on the internets, if you actually bother to pay attention.


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