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Former WFOR ND in Charge of WSFL Mornings


Tribune has hired 30-year local news vet Sue Kawalerski to helm the development of WSFL’s new morning program.

Kawalerski is a former WFOR news director back when the station was known as WCIX and before that at WAMI-69. She was also president of The TV People Inc. a talent agency representing news directors and other TV management. According to the Sun Sentinel article for the past 10 years she also a consulted local FOX stations on the development of morning newscasts.

Kawalerski told Tom Jicha the new WSFL morning newscast will cover news and events from The Keys all the way up to northern Palm Beach County “in a way that allows our viewers to discuss it later at work and in their homes.” Kawalerski says her goal is to give viewers a reason to switch off what they’re watching now and tune WSFL every morning from 5 to 9am.

The expected launch date of the new morning newscast is sometime in January of 2009.

update: I did some digging around the google and found more about Sue Kawalerski

– she’s a former WTVT assistant ND to David Boylan, who is now boss at WPLG

– The format for the 11pm newscast ‘News Edge’ on FOX local stations is probably her idea. St. Petersbur Times TV/media critic Eric Deggans said at the debut of ‘News Edge’ it was all bells and whistles and very little substance

– At the start of the Timothy McVeigh trial it was her idea to park a Ryder truck in front of the federal courthouse in Tampa to test security.


  1. The article left out she got fired from all her jobs. This is from her blog. Read and ask yourself if this is a person that should run a news station. Hey Sentinel, this is your news director? Good luck with that. She sounds like a whacko. So much for objectivity.

    Sue Kawalerski wrote:
    Well it’s about time someone responded. And of course I have a multitude of “things” to throw my 2 cents into! Like today…the Prez with a lot of whoop-tee-do talking about minimizing our dependence on foreign oil!!! Doesn’t he know the enemy is on OUR soil not over THERE! Yup, you just go down to Texas to those fine US of A Oil Refining Companies. Ask those Diamond Studded N’er-do-wells how they can be piling up billion of dollars in profits EACH QUARTER when the Prez sez the problem are the greedy A-Rabs. Huh??? Whose rapin’ who? Yup, and just go to Detroit, Motown…that’s where you’ll find the enemy who’s sucking us dry! You know these Motown types could’ve and probably have produced a combustion engine long ago that was far more fuel efficient than the Lead Loads they’re producing for Auto Blingers. But no, their buddies in Texas would never invite them back to shoot endangered species on their Wild Kingdom Ranches ever again if they did that! So, Prez…..stop making fools out of us. As bad as the Iraq thing is, I’d impeach the mother for Pimping us at the Pump first!


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