1. FOX would probably love to jump ship and bring an O&O to Miami and with a prime location such as Miramar, WTVJ looks right for the picking. I look for FOX to eyeing TVJ.

  2. Prime location? That facility is close to nothing except The Everglades. Ask anyone in the newsroom. They’ll tell you it’s a bear to get places from there.

  3. Miramar is not Miami. Anyone who has had to make that drive knows how out of place that location is when the desire is to cover South Florida news.

    With WPLG also planning a move north, and also WAY out of position to cover anything, one has to wonder about all the short sighted decision making by those in control.

    Miami is not a top ten market. The nets are starting to only be interested in maintaining their local station efforts in markets that, long term, will have a better chance at generating revenue.

    The only saving grace for south Florida is it’s a right to work state and much easier for New York based networks to squeeze profit while still having interesting national and international news coverage.

    FOX would be silly to consider buying WTVJ. Espeically with Telemundo still in the same building! That is going to be a problem. Let’s keep in mind Telemundo is not exactly on strong financial footing either. Thus the comments about percentage of growth for Telemundo from NBC execs instead of hard numbers.

  4. WSFL’s home base has always been in Broward.

    When WTVJ built a new facility, word is its GM, Don Browne, desperately tried to keep it downtown, but real estate prices made it a difficult prospect to sell to corporate. In the end, WTVJ moved to Broward because it was cheaper, not because it was logistically better.

  5. WTVJ had the best location in South Florida, in Downtown Miami the focus city of all South Florida media. They should attempt to expand their downtown offices and studios, all they have left is a small studio behind the AAA. Miramar was chosen becuase cheap land and the availibility of land, but as a news channel its horrible. WPLG is moving more centralized, its minutes from county line and close to both downtown and I-95 not near the Evergaldes, so WPLG’s move is not that they want to move to Browatd its the availibilty of land and a more centralized location, plus they outgrew the Miami location. WSVN now has the best and IMO the most beautiful studio HQ in probaly the country.

  6. Hopefully, who ever buys it goes in and cleans all mangement (GM, ND, Chief photog) levels. NBC is more then likely tired of last place and tired of mangement’s news philosophy. Last isn’t funny!!!!!

  7. Just to correct Julian. WSVN does not have the most beautiful facility. They may be in a semi good location but WTVJ has the newest and best building in South Florida. WTVJ a;so has the best equipment inside the station. It’s all HD and brand new.

  8. And while SVN may have a great view on a nice day, just wait til a major hurricane hits Miami proper. Storm surge will trash the station. Inland may be boring, but it’s a better place for hurricane coverage. Just sayin’.

  9. MikeB what I meant was the location and the surrounding area itself, right on the bay, and mass vegetation around it, and the views are amazing, I know WTVJ has the most modern facility but its homogenous, views of I-75 and an infill lake, nothing pretty to look at either, its like evry other office building in the area. But when it comes to the building WSVN has the prettiest and best location IMO

  10. hey juan…wsvn never moved their control room to the 2nd floor…its always been there…since way before “wsvn” even existed…

  11. how do i put this lightly. with what is going on in the tv industry i doubt that wsvn will re-affilate with nbc if wtvj is sold to fox. it should be mentioned that when i saw the wtvj wikipedia page no mention of fox as a suitor has been mentioned.

    i see wsvn as an independent station. i would prefer wsvn as an independent station. at least they can launch more news cheaper than picking up syndicated programming.

  12. Good thing WTVJ has a digital signal, otherwise analog 6 alone is worthless in a sale. NBC knows this I’m sure.

  13. Analog Channel 6 is a non-issue at this point because analog TV is shutting down next February anyway. Their digital signal is very strong and whoever buys the station will be getting a great deal.

  14. Do you think that if Ansin were to make an offer on TVJ, he would make a new location for TVJ, and move SVN in there? Also, since 51 is in there, are they for sale also?

  15. WSCV is a matter of time. Stations sold make more money when sold seperately. Telemundo has seen a lot of problems when NBC took over. Moral slipped enormously when they publicly told their employees they were going to tear the Network apart.
    If they were to sell Telemundo everybody would be happy to go back to the hell hole in Hialeah which is still there where Telemundo has kept the Network. NBC is still cuting staff @ Telemundo and it came from someone on the inside that the o&O also saw cuts. Many if the newstroom folks decided to get sick all on the same day?

  16. Ive wondered why Telemundo or NBC or whoever owns Telemundo doesnt just build an awesome studio in the blocks of warehouses they own in Hialeah, instead of warehouses that look less than impressive. It doesnt look like a national networks studios/HQ. If they would build new studios they could fit in T51 alot nicer than squeezing it in those warehouses along with other network shows and newscasts.

  17. I have posted elsewhere that Hialeah’s Telemundo facility is less than a mile from the old Hialeah Race Track, and a major production facility which keeps the historic architecture (and flamingos) would be a major improvement over anything else which might go there!!

  18. Univision 23 is just blocks away from those warehouses. I know, b/c my dad owns a warehouse selling gym flooring, and we drive by the station every time we’re on the way to work. (:

  19. Brandon Univision is no where near Telemundo warehouses. It would be great if they can build within the walls that hold those studios. I beleive that property is rented. While all other Networks are building new buildings…Telemundo is just building a bigger maze. You can get lost in there. When NBC decides to sell Telemundo…the only thing they will be selling is the rights to whatever it is they own. If they sell Chanel 51 the only thing they are selling is the talent.

  20. Univision Network and Univision 23 (wich by the th way is updating their news set) are squeezed in the same roof along Doral BLV/NW 41 ST. I went inside the studios almost 7 yrs. ago while Cristina’s show was taped over there before moving to Blue Dolphin Studios and its getting old already nothing impressive and going westbound if it wasn’t because of the sign that says WLTV Univision 23 at the front gate you won’t even notice that building houses a big Network, now WFOR building although looks really nice with its glass facade and has for neighbor Telefutura WAMI 69 wich by the way looks big, i always thought Univision 23 would look really cool inside WAMI.

  21. Ansin owns a lot of property in Miramar already. The entire Miramar Park of Commerce between Palm Avenue and Flamingo Road North of the Turnpike and South of Miramar Blvd. If he was interested in moving, he could have built on his property there, he still has many acres left that is not built on.

  22. If thats the case, why doesnt he just build there and he can forget about all the lawsuits with that condo owner. And, if that guy is intelligent at all about building condos, he shouldn’t even build further. Look at Downtown Dadeland, their condos went into forclosure! Only 30% of their condos were sold. I think he should just stop and let WSVN be. Thats my two cents.

  23. I know this not about the topic.However can anyone please post the March 2008 ratings For the Miami / Fort Lauderdale market? If not, can u please tell me were I can find them ?


  24. Interesting to point out that is ABC or Fox buy NBC, which they may want to since they both want O7O’s in Miami, WSVN or WPLG could lose their affiliation overnight and that would mean top ratings for NBC based on their prime-time lead-in.


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