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WSVN Still Undecided on Tom Haynes Replacement


Tom Haynes has been gone from WSVN since what, a month? He probably doesn’t even miss Lynn Martinez anymore but the suits at 7 have yet to make a decision who’ll take his place.
The job opening, as of 11/30/2007, is still on the site and they’re still bouncing Charles Billi and Reed Cowan back and forth on the afternoons.

What’s taking hem so long? Even the crusty old bishops at the Vatican didn’t take this long to pick a Pope.

Unless of course there are candidates from outside the station?

Update: Anon tipster says Charles Billi is replacing Tom Haynes. And ‘tiny meenie‘ in the comments adds that last minute negotiations between Billi’s agent and the station are taking place.


  1. I hear they are negotiating with Charles but that they are still looking for candidates to fill Charles’ seat. Management has their feelers out nationwide for that spot. Yeah Charles!

  2. I hear the same thing. They offered the #2 job to Billi. His agent is negotiating. Cowan will probably take the weekend seat. I hear it’s a done deal.


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