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Charles Perez Writes About His Firing From WPLG

Photo Via: JustNews.com
Photo Via: JustNews.com

Charles Perez has gone very public about his firing from WPLG as the station’s main co-anchor. A 3-page long blog post written by him for TheDailyBeast titled “Why I Committed Career Suicide” where he talks about his decision to file a complaint against WPLG. He bemoans the lack of substance in the news business and says a “higher-up” at WPLG told him wanting to have kids with partner Keith he’d be better off anchoring weekends because it is “a lot less high-profile there”

On page two he shares another insider bit, this time from former employer WSVN.

Perez writes that the news business becoming “a place of fear, where principle and the news have become the casualties and ratings and dollars the prizes”. As an example he cites the runup to the Iraq war and reading about the top weapons inspector who found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That all of Europe watched the press conference but it was buried in The New York Time

I went to one of my bosses at Miami’s Fox affiliate, WSVN, and said, “We have to run this. This is big!” He said, “Charles, that’s not what our advertisers want to see.” We never ran it.

He says he hoped to be at WPLG for the rest of his career but that he “could not choose that career over the man I love and our commitment to build a family together.”


  1. Bottom line. He spoke to a reporter without his managers permission. Violation of company policy. End of story. Does Charles Perez really think he is a real journalist? Come on.

  2. He really is going a bit on the edge now. Like I said intitially, I think he is hoping to become some type of heroe or icon in th gay rights fight right now. This guy gets more ridiculous everyday now.

  3. Look at his employment history. He has bombed everywhere he’s been, why? He is NOT a great journalist, he’s a news reader who cann’t ad lib and is bland. Watching him on Dwight’s last show and making it sound like Dwight was his mentor when he had been at the station only a few months and was NOT mentored by anyone just shows he’s all about “appearances” and being phoney. He did get one thing right, he did commit professional suicide.


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