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Video: New WSVN Promo Takes on News Cuts


I’ve been wondering for a while if they’d bring this up. Well, now they have

WSVN’s latest promo takes on the budget and staff cuts that have taken place (presumably at the other news outlets in town) in a very subtle way. There is no mention of “those other guys” like in past promos, just emphasis that WSVN isn’t cutting back and that they have the largest team with the most reporters.

Other stations in town and elsewhere have downsized in a big way but WSVN, to our knowledge at least, hasn’t laid off a single person despite budget problems that were made worse when the Nielsen people meters debuted. Since the people meters went live in Miami/Ft Lauderdale WSVN is said to be losing $1 million per month in advertising compared with the diary rating system. That and their DTV transition problems which at least in Boston caused them to go over budget.

Of course it probably helps not being part of a publicly traded company that needs to constantly generate profits and keep stockholders happy.

You can click on and check out the promo at their Facebook page or after jump our YouTube embed

What do you think about the promo?


  1. When you pay ca-ca to begin with…can’t really go below minimum wage, can you? Of course, Belkys is overpaid…

  2. They are cutting back, no 11pm live shots and cutting back on overtime!!!!!Come Ch 7, get it right!!!!!

  3. I see SVN job ads by the dozens every month, is the turnover rate that high? If so cutbacks are monthly, just another warm body does not mean a quality dedicated employee by any stretch.

  4. Channel 7 is nottelling the ocmplete truth. They are cutting back, but they are right that they have the largest reporting team in town. As for salaries, NBC is a great example. You go from people like Deanno, Conable and Segreto making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to the Roxanne’s and Tisha who get paid around 40 thousand if they are lucky. No wonder NBC is getting rid of anyone with a brain and a paycheck.

  5. wsvn is cutting back…but NOTHING compared to other stations. as far as the viewer is concerned, the only real difference is the lack of 11pm liveshots (does the viewer even care??)

  6. I agree with Insider, people don’t care if they get their news live, recorded, or whatever the hell. They just want their news. The viewers don’t care about new graphics, new sets, or any of that. They just want the news, and TV Stations don’t seem to get that, they continue to spend millions upon millions of dollars on crap they don’t need. Sure, it looks nice, but as the viewer, WE DON’T CARE!

    Think about it, if you see a movie on a weekend, you’ll talk about it to your colleague that Monday at work. But, are you seriously going to talk to your colleague in an attorney’s office about WSVN going HD? Really? Come on, now! And then everyone wonders why everybody’s cutting back…

  7. JOE

    Those are not the cakes I am talking about. I mean read between the lines. LOL LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes Belkys can though bake a STORM UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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