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WPLG’s Web Site Now With Comments


I just surfed in on WPLG’s web site justnews.com from one of their tweets and noticed that they have visitor commenting enabled on their stories.

Actually what really surprised me was that instead of being yet another site requiring me to fill out endless registration forms they’ve done something smarter and more convenient for their visitors. Their comment system is powered by Disqus and also use Facebook Connect.

So now anyone who reads and story on JustNews.com and decides to leave a comment can pretty much just click and opine. And if they don’t already have a Disqus account all they need to do is type in their email address, pick a password and leave a comment. Fast and easy.

Way to be geeky and with the times Channel 10.



  1. It is unfortunate and sad that so much daily bashing of police officers is focused by your news channel. In every profession there is a or a few bad apples. Even within your own!! Why haven’t your reporters focused their energy on finding out why so many criminals are out on the streets? How about finding out why our miami-dade county judges are so lenient with our defenders. Have you sat in a courtroom lately? Seems to me that the officer’s are the one’s on trial! Do these judges really have the miami-dade county residents safety in mind or is does the defendants rights come first? Every day crime is becoming worse, more violent and our lives and our properties are being discarded as just another case. Do these judges even live in miami-dade county? that would be a good reason why they just don’t care! How about finding out if any of our senior citizens programs been cut, and why so many high ranking county/city workers pay is so high? We all know that the lower the position, the more work they do! They have top paying people doing the job a clerk/secretary can do for a lower salary. The new airline scam of charging extra for luggage. They began charging extra “do to the increase of fuel” that was a year ago and fuel has gone down and they now are charging even more for a service that has always been included in the fair. Why not investigate why they are allowed to do this. By the way, Miami-dade is overcrowded and parking garages would be a solution for the lack of parking in the county court house!!!!!!


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