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Former WSVN-er Cesar Aldama Named WFOR News Director

Cesar Aldama WFOR News Director
Cesar Aldama Photo: CBS4.com

Cesar Aldama has been named news director for WFOR CBS4. He replaces Adrienne Roark who is being transferred to CBS-owned KTVT in Dallas as that station’s new Vice President and news director. Currently he is the assistant news director of KYW, the CBS-owned affiliate in Philadelphia. Yes, the station that brought you Larry Mendte and Alicia Lane (who worked at WTVJ and WSVN)

Cesar Aldama is no stranger to Miami TV stations and WFOR in particular. According to WFOR’s statement on his hiring and Aldama’s LinkedIn profile he cut his chops staring at WSVN in 1985 and worked there until 1995 as a video editor, photographer and assignment editor. He was also managing editor at WFOR from 1999 until 2003 before moving KYW and has served as assistant news director at the CBS duopolies there since then.

Aldama was born in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and his parents and siblings all live in the Miami area, so he is also a local.

No word yet on whether he’ll be known as CBS4BossMan on Twitter yet.

But in the mean time you can follow me on Twitter instead, where I am known as the @SFLTVBossMan


  1. See!
    Sometimes good things do happen for those who wait and hope!
    This guy is going to be a very positive move for WFOR!

  2. I agree with Kevin K.
    Finally someone that will pull all the bad weeds out of the ground. WFOR finally back on track!!!! Congrats!!!!

  3. Watch out Miami, change is coming!

    WPLG & WSVN better develop a counterplan to what Aldama will bring to WFOR.
    WTVJ should take notes on how a station turns themselves around.

    The current managers at WFOR better update and check their resumes as they too will be shown the door.

  4. I’m guessing WFOR moving to name Cesar Aldama as news director may just give WPLG and WSVN a run for their money. I hope Aldama can make the South Florida CBS station more competitive.

    I don’t know how well Lane Michaelsen is doing as WTVJ’s news director. It would be no surprise if everything is still more of the same, since Michaelsen is said to have worked with Ardy at several Gannett-owned stations.

    WGCL news director Steve Schwaid is said to be very good too. The Atlanta CBS station has seen a turn-around, and the newscasts becoming more competitive. I don’t know if WTVJ would ever have interest in hiring him. WUSA in Washington, DC is said to have expressed interest in hiring him too.


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