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Breaking: Some BS Happening Somewhere Today


What real breaking news coverage sounds like to most people 🙂
Caution contains lots of dirty words

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  1. Since there really was no place to post this, I’ll post it here…..I heard Roxanne Vargas saying that Peter Graves died and he is survived by his family and……a brother who had a role on Gunsmoke……….Roxy, the only role you should have in the news business, is handing copy out !!!!! My God, James Arness starred in Gunsmoke for over 20 years! Thats a role?

  2. BTW …..Roxy never even mentioned James Arness by name……..I’m surprised she didn’t say James Graves…. thats the way Ted Baxter would have said it!

  3. Follow up……I emailed Bob Mayer and he emailed me back that he wrote in changes of that story and sent me the changes(the way it should have been read ), but either Roxy or someone at WTVJ decided not to use it the way Bob rewrote it. Bob was not aware of it he told me and was very surprised they did that..


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