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Kevin Corke Leaves WTVJ

Kevin Corke Photo: NBCMiami.com

Well that didn’t last long. WTVJ anchor Kevin Corke bid viewers adieu last night at the end of the 11pm newscast. Corke joined WTVJ barely 2 years ago in October 2009 to anchor alongside Jackie Nespral after Julia Yarbough left earlier that same year. No word yet on what his next move is


  1. Kevin was great but him and Jackie never connected. They appeared as to two phonies. Kevin Corke and Kelly Craig would have been better. Julia should come back anchoring with Jackie. Those two had great chemistry.

  2. Is the Channel 6 transmitter still on? Maybe they could improve their reach by going to a closed-circuit only broadcast model.

  3. They guy is just moving to bigger and better. WTVJ is just a stepping stone for some on the way to the top. If you stay there all your life, it just means you are satisfied with being mediocre.

  4. You guys are TVJ haters… I actually enjoy their newscasts and talent. Kev was great but he must now be on to bigger and better things in his life. Good for him.

  5. Hey Julia, want your old job back? that would be great, love her!

    Seriously, any news on what 6 is planning to do in his absence?

  6. Kevin appeared to be a consummate professional … unlike half the ditsy idiots on that (and many other channels) in the dismal Miami “news” market.

    Good luck to him

  7. Having Kelly Craig back on WTVJ would be a great move. Julia Yarbough was a great journalist too. Kevin seemed like a good and reasonable journalist. Tony and Bob have since retired. Joel Connable being canned, as well as being mistreated. Demarco Morgan moving to NYC, and will soon be debuting at Gannett-owned WXIA Atlanta this month.

    I take it that WTVJ insists on keeping Jackie Nespral as their “eye candy”… everybody wishing that WTVJ (and NBC/Comcast) would get rid of her. With WTVJ being severaly mismanaged… many wish that NBC/Comcast would clean house at the iconic South Florida station, by getting rid of Ardyth Diercks and company… brining in someone that can turn WTVJ around for the better.

  8. jackie is still on beacause she is hispanic…si senor. She is horrible, but hey so are all the anchors on nbc6.

    • please shes great you have know taste
      she is always in a great mood more people should be like her.and kevin cork was also great i wish him all the best

  9. Kevin should be replaced by Jim DeFeedMe from cbs4 news. He is a total chick magnet. Kelly Craig should come back also. She tried so hard to be funny, and she is far from humerous unless you are deaf

  10. Correct……Jackie is lousy…it’s all her hispanic look that keeps her on…….surely they can find 2 interesting… and exciting anchors…….also….Ryan Phillips is great….John Morales can put you to sleep……but it’s the hispanic name that they like……..45 yrs. in So. Fl…so I have seen a few!

  11. Who can stomach that “Jackie” anymore. I guess they are going to ride her out until the station hits bottom. Kevin was a high energy fun likeable personality much like Kelly Criag. They better get someone good and now or else that newscast will tank. Again, that “Jackie” is sooooooo dull.

  12. i quit watching 6 because of Jackie. she is so fake. Love Love Kevin, too bad 6 doesnt have the good sense to keep sincere professionals. I hope Kevin lands in Miami somewhere.

  13. I liked Kevin. Miss him and wish him luck. I’m just not in to all women newscasts. I only watch NBC6 at night as a lead in to Brian Williams.In the morning,for local news, I watch Local 10 news. They have a nice balance.

    I’ve written before about how unprofessional I think these women dress. Then I found out that nothing, nothing, nothing happens in the news room without the consent of the News Director. Maybe we’re all barking up the wrong tree.

  14. I knew Corke’s days were numbered. It was a matter of time. Ever since he came on board and teamed up with Jackie, the news at 6 was unbearable to watch. I gave it a try for a while but I just couldn’t take the bad delivery by Corke and Nespral. They both looked out of synch with each other. I switched to 10 and at times go to news 4. Something tells me Corke was canned due to bad ratings which is probably why not much is being written on him or what he is up to.

  15. While tuning in for the Today show, I just watched the last couple of minutes of Pam Giganti reading the news wearing a halter top. I’m sure she felt the need for it in a TV studio that’s probably kept at 10 degrees below 0 because of all of the TV equipment. Or maybe she felt the need for it given the blistering hot 65 degrees outside. I wonder what she’ll do in the summer when it’s really hot. May be the first x rated newscast on TV.

  16. WTVJ needs to revamp everything. Pam Giganti and Nathalie Pozo are the only “real” ones on mornings. Trina Robinson is too full of herself. The 11:00 show is a farce. I won’t watch NBC6 in the mornings at all anymore.

  17. I like the am news & pm. They all seem to be really enthusiastic. Jackie is not phony, just naive. Joe Rose is great. No complaints on the rest of the crew. My wife & myself enjoy their presentation. The other news shows are boring.

  18. Man Kevin Corke was great!!! I think he was better than Jackie, he was more like a Brian Williams also had some good to say to the reporters after they did a story and is it just me that all the black anchor on the station leaves? There was a black guy I forgot his name and he left and went to NY the Julia left and now Kevin and just for u guys Kevin use to work on ESPN about 12 yrs ago

  19. Kevin Corke will be missed. Great reporter!! Why do all the good ones leave WTVJ? First John Gerrard,Julia Yarbough now Kevin Corke. Been watching WTVJ since the 1950’s. If Joe Rose goes so does NBC 6 Miami. Please bring John Gerrard back! John Morales is terrible!! No wonder ratings are down.

  20. My hubby and I watched Kevin & Jackie every night. We apparently were away when Kevin left. Sorry to see him go Will miss him. He brought class to WTVJ.

  21. We loved Kevin Corke & we were wondering what happened to him. He was wonderful & a great reporter. We wish all the best in his new job, he will do great anywhere he goes & we will follow his reporting!! Channel 6 should never had let him go, he was the best!!

  22. What dirt does Nespral have on this
    Station that keeps her behind the
    Anchor desk that can justify her
    Salary of at least 400k+. She is
    Nothing more than a Barbie doll that
    Can read a TelePrompTer. They can
    Pay amara much less. She is so
    Much more believable than Nespral.
    Never thought I would say this, but
    I’d rather see Jennifer valoppi over
    Plastic fantastic Nespral

  23. I liked Kevin and the way he presented the news. He was very down to earth and I wish him well in his future endeavors. Hey, if anyone wears cowboy boots and drives an old Mustang, he can’t be that bad.

  24. I miss Kevin Corke. Jackie is okay, but Adam is better with sports and Joe. I will need to switch if it doesn’t improve soon, but old habits are hard to change. I have been watching WTVJ since they got me thru Hurricane Andrew -that’s I miss Kelly Craig too. The morning show is awful now. It needs a man for some balance – too many women. They do come on with some pretty unprofessional outfits. Something tells me that the male influence showing thru.

  25. Jackie Nespral is just bland. She laughs a lot because she has nothing intelligent to add to the conversation. That’s the impression she gives anyway. She’s been doing this long enough to have peaked. She shouldn’t be doing the news.

  26. I hope that Kevin will get together with Phil Keating. They both came up through Channel 9 news in Denver..
    If anyone can get Kevin to talk about his escort out of Denver, it will be interesting. Had to do with the Bronco cheer leaders.

    Grandy Don


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