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Kevin Corke Joins WTVJ As Julia Yarbough Replacement

Kevin Corke anchoring Today Show on NBC
Kevin Corke anchoring Today Show on NBC

Kevin Corke is joining WTVJ NBC6 as an anchor/reporter, replacing Julia Yarbough who left the station rand the TV news business recently. Corke posted a message on his Facebook page confirming the news:

FINALLY GOT A JOB! I am the new main anchor at WTVJ (NBC) in Miami. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and prayers throughout. Come see me in South Florida

If Corke looks familiar to you that’s because he was a correspondent for NBC until recently before becoming one of the casualties of NBC’s big layoffs in December 2008. Corke has covered the White House and Presidential races for NBC, anchored NBC Nightly News, the Today Show and briefly MSNBC post-election ’08 coverage.

Prior to joining NBC Corke anchored ESPN Sports Center and before that he was the morning and weekend news anchor at KUSA, the NBC affiliate in Denver, Colorado.

According to his Wikipedia page, Corke holds a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a Master’s degree from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Kevin Corke will be alongside Joe Rose and Jackie Nespral starting in January 2010.

Welcome to South Florida!

You can check out video of Kevin Corke’s demo reel after the jump

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  1. Welcome to South Florida Kevin!! I think NBC made a smart move and he is better and more humble than Demarco Morgan. Demarco was just stuck-up!

  2. He’s damn good. Period. And a tremendously nice guy. Been proud to have called him a friend for years.

    This is a GOOD hire for TVJ.

  3. Commendable move by WTVJ. They are taking on somebody who has been at the network level. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. Like a change in the approach to their newsroom. I also wonder how much they are forking out for this guy. He seems good, but he seem to have been unemployed for a while so there might have been a compromise with salary. With that aside, I think they can use this guy to build on over TVJ. When will Jackie leave!!!

  4. Sounds impressive. I hope he will show how bad Jackie really is. To the person who said local news is racist, I say you are a moron ! Welcome Kevin !!!

  5. Kevin. I have been watching you on the network level and you have done an EXCELLENT JOB! You’re a real reporter, a true journalist. But here’s what I like the most. You seem like humble and nice and that goes a long way. WELCOME TO MIAMI!

  6. This was certianly a nice (realy nice) surprise. It almost a refreshing sign and not another recycled Miami anchor. I definately recognize him from his days at NBC. Best move WTVJ has done in quite a while.

    What’s up with the minor change in the news set?

  7. And, if Comcast buys NBC/Universal that could be a great thing for TVJ since Comcast loves South Florida. The deal seems to be pretty close to done. It all depends on what Vivendi will do with their share.

  8. Speaking of Jackie…

    While surfing the 11pm news the other night, I happened to stop on 6 just as Joe Rose was yammering about how big he was after a weight-related segment. Jackie gave him a once-over then looked at the camera and made one of those “Ah, so that must mean his schlong’s big too!” faces and started smiling and visibly thinking about it. Rose didn’t appear to have a clue, but Jackie kept it going for at least 5 seconds straight.


  9. I now know the perfect place for Nespral. The Weather Channel, now owned by NBCU, will begin showing movies on Friday nights. Clearly, they have no idea of the original purpose of the channel, nor do they realize that they do not have to make a profit on every single channel every single day. First up: “The Perfect Storm.” Clever. So Nespral may have a home if such stupidity is to continue.

  10. Chuck, I have a better idea for using Jackie, what about the old TV test pattern they used to use? They can focus on Jackie with her big smile. She can be the female version of Howdy Doody !!!

  11. Chuck, your wrong again …..Scrubby had more brains!!!! Hey Chuck, you know when I was 7 years old, I was the birthday boy on Skipper Chuck. The bad thing was Chuck was off that day, Bob Weaver filled in. Another bit of personal triva, when I was in college for Radio – TV Broadcast Techology, one of my classmates and friends was Gary Franklin, Don’s son !!!

  12. Don Franklin! Remember when the local stations had so many good people that-in this case-if Bob Weaver was off, you had Don Franklin and/or Dick Fennel to fill in and you didn’t miss a beat? I guess a few of us can remember how good WTVJ was once.

  13. Chuck, I got that beat…Remember when some wacko broke into WTVJ during the 6pm news (during the commercial and Bernie Rosen, Don Franklins and Ralph had to tackle him to the ground? Gary Franklin told me it was mostly Bernie and his dad who tackled the guy. Of course Ralph went back after, huffing and puffing. I remember the Noon News when it was done by pros….Del Frank, Lee Vickers, and Dick Fennel……real pros ! Don Franklin even was the head weatherman for about 2 years when Weaver went to New York and fell on his face. More triva, Bob Weaver’s real name Robert Weber. The only reason I know that was the my old girlfriend used his son as her attorney for her divorce. BTW , the guy living next store to me growing up was Joe St Thomas who was Vice Pres. of Wometco. Anytime they gave use cold drinks, it was always out of the Wometco cups that used used to get in their vending machines and movie threaters. Boy, I’m just a mountain of triva !!!!

  14. Chuck, since you grew up here…I’m sure you remember the Newport 7 Seas Lounge with the Treasure Chest Dancers,Wayne Cochran, Herman’s Hermits, Ace Trucking Company, and most of the stars from the 50s and 60s? Sure you do !!! What you didn’t know there was a skinny 19 year kid who became the youngest stage mgr( and pretty much ran all the entertainment there too , along with being the MC in the club) in Miami Beach History…..Me !!!!!!!! If you go to wwww.limestonelounge.com and type in there for search Newport 7 seas lounge, there are pages and pages of memories of many people including myself who worked there back then.

  15. Is there a second part to this blog it just seems to Finish half way through without an ending, do you have a link to the complete feed? Thanks


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