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WSVN Anchor Charles Billi in Car Accident

Charles Billi Photo: WSVN.com
Charles Billi Photo: WSVN.com

Although we don’t know much at this time, someone just sent us a tip saying that WSVN anchor Charles Billi posted a status on his Facebook wall that he had been in a “bad” car accident.

We checked his Facebook status and he has posted the following:

“Sitting in the hospital after a bad car accident watching the UF game and crooked refs throw 2 bogus flags to ensure a Gator RD. Boy life isn’t fair.”

The good news is his injuries don’t appear to be too serious, obviously, or he wouldn’t be on Facebook. According to his Facebook updates, he suffered a few cracked ribs, clavicle stress fractures, sternum fissure, neck hyper extension.

Get well soon man!

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  1. Get well soon Charles. I am comin over with the soup and my nurses outfit on and no panties. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    oh my the shame in it all

    • Help me Howard with Patrick Fraser. Rotfl. U r quite funny. I am sure he won’t need Howard as I believe he was on the safe side. Anyway, we still love you Charles.

  2. Using cap-lock and leaning on a key does not make you pithy–merely pitiful. That would be you, Diego, Senor Simpleton.

  3. I saw him last night at Fort Laud airport stand waiting to be picked up. I was Out of the country did not even know he was in an accident

  4. I hope Charels will recover soon. I don’t understand why people have to comment on their acnchors sexual preferneces and how Craig is taking care of Charles. This is ridiculous, I have nothing againt gay people but it’s irrelevent. Oh by the way former GAY anchor Charles Perez got married, it’s on The Miami Herald’s website. Congratulations to him and good luck.

    • …. it was reported by ANONYMOUS sources that Craig and Charles are staying at Atlantic Shores in Key West. They request privacy during this difficult time…..

  5. Lest we forget, here’s hoping Charles Billi gets well very soon–and that Charles Perez finds happiness and inner peace. They both seem to be good guys on-air, and my disdain for certain local media types is based strictly on the on-air persona they portray. If you’re competent, I’m with you–if not, sorry. That was and is my only agenda. Off-air, MYOB–unless it’s illegal, like a certain former weatherguy. As it happens, he was a clod on-air too.

  6. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove JP hervis and Dave Kartunen and Tom Haynes and Ellita Loresca and Natalie Solis and Sharron Melton and a bunch more

  7. mr. charles billi has always been a gentleman on news. I hope you get better and proceed to pursue a successful future in your new job.

    don’t pay attention to the comments of those who have no life and prefer to cut up and discredit those that are great and do the best job as possible in their chosen career.


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