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NBC Miami Launches New iPhone App

iPhone App Screenshot
iPhone App Screenshot

NBC Miami has joined the app bandwagon, and recently launched it’s iPhone Application.

The application will do what the website tries to do, and keep you both in the know, and connected to your community. The app will keep you updated with what is going on around town, local news, weather, sports, and many other things. It also has a feature allowing to also take a picture from your iPhone, post it on NBCMiami, and share it amongst other Miamians who are also using theĀ app.

With this app, you will be able to continue using the same functions that you normally would use with other applications on the iPhone, such as: panning, zooming, and the option between landscape and portrait mode. Shaking the phone will refresh the stories, and constantly update you with new stories and images that are being posted. The app also integrates easily with your e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

The NBCMiami app is available in the Apple App Store for free, but the iPhone/iPod 3.0 software update is required in order to be able to use this application.

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