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Anchor Jamie Holmes Quit WPTV and News Business


TCPalm has a story on now former WPTV anchor Jamie Holmes and why he left the station so abruptly.

Holmes says he started planning his departure “…six or seven months ago” and that there was no ill will between him and WPTV.

“I realized it was time to get out of the business,” said Holmes, 34. “I felt like all of my opportunities in television had been exhausted and I was looking for other companies that offered me more opportunities.”

According to TCPalm Jamie Holmes joined Venue Marketing Group, a product marketing and image management company in Riviera Beach.

Jamie Holmes quit WPTV two weeks ago, around the same time Jay Cashmere was named the new anchor for the 5:30pm newscast replacing WPTV anchor Chandra Bill who announced she plans to leave the station by May 2010.

Holmes’ departure generated some chatter because he was considered the top choice to take over for long-time WPTV anchor Jim Sackett when he retires.

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    • It’s SCripps calming the water…god forbid anything bad happen at that station, they are perfect! But for disclosure, TCPalm is Treasure Coast Palm Beach, the website owned by Scipps Company that owns WPTV, so naturally they wont say anything bad.

    • I remember one time reading in the palm beach post that Miranda Khan was once considered to be a future main anchor at wptv. haha as if she ever was. You read some ridiculous nonsense sometimes.

  1. Also being an anchor at 5:30 doesn’t mean you’d be the natural successor to the main anchor. Yeah a convenient fill-in but not a permanent solution. For example, I can’t ever imagine Shannon Cake being a main anchor at wptv

      • 2 weeks?? Is he on the honeymoon with her? I am surprised he is still doing this after all this time. Aside from John Matthews and bob Mayer, other anchors of his era have all retired.

  2. Oh and they keep using Jay Cashmere, cant stand it! Too bad too cause I like Kelly Dunn, she was nice to me when I saw her in a Publix in 1990 while shopping.

    • Kelley is a great, great person. Who else would they use as a fill-in other than Jay? Malloy…? He’s a fine journalist but bad anchor

          • why the Jay hate?
            I get my news online. I’ll tune in at 11 if there’s a story I want to catch on either channel (such as the lopicola thing). wpbf is irrelevant
            I cannot stomach all of the lifestyle stories stations air these days. 5 is very guilty of this, especially after Oprah. want to lose weight? DO NOT BE GREEDY. Don’t need a rehashed story on it every week

    • He was the 5:30 anchor with Shannon for about a year but then it changed to Chandra and Shannon between 5 and 6. He is a fine, fine journalist but I don’t like him as an anchor.

  3. Jay is a great anchor, and more importantly, a great guy. If you hate someone that much, maybe you should seek counseling. Have a great day.


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