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Charles Perez Marries Partner


Former WPLG anchor Charlez Perez and his partner Keith are now officially husband and husband!  And Charles Perez is now Charles Rinehard.

Just Married!
Just Married! Photo: miamiherald.com/gay

The two wed recently in Connecticut while house shopping so they can move there. Steve Rothaus from Miami Herald’s GaySouthFlorida has posted more wedding photos

Congrats to Keith and Charlez!

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  1. Comment edited by Alex.

    This is great! Look at what a cute couple! 🙂 I’m glad that we live in America; where people are free to be who they are! In fact, I must admit I’m a tad jealous of the fact that I can’t get married to Perez myself. Whadda’ hunk! America is the best!

    Also, please support one of my favorite causes: http://www.bouska.net/noh8/

    • Congratulations Lloyd, for once Diego did not post the most stupid comment in a thread. You know nothing of normal, nor America, nor anything else. Switch back to Fox News and the hateful stupid crap. You, sir, are a mouth-breathing moron. Good luck Charles. Again, shut up Diego.


    However you should have married me CHARLES

    I would have been the one to object if I was there

    I know I can’t believe I could not be here stealing there spotlight LOL

    Justonestation and Llyod
    GIVE IT A BREAK it’s 2009 Learn to deal with it

    The 2 of them marry does not affect you in any way. Oh and as for your slick comment no the world is not going to hell. What is wrong with the world is SICKOS like you 2 that are not willing to let us gay and lesbians be happy.

  3. They look like two very happy people and I wish them the best of luck. To those of you who “don’t need to see this,” what a sad and pitiful life you must have if this is so upsetting.

    • What, are you f-ing kidding me? I _don’t_ need to see this on a f-ing TV blog.

      admin, if you want to turn this place into a gay TMZ, that’s your business. But this “story” (as well as some of the other recent stuff) sure as hell ain’t South Florida TV.

  4. Why drop the “Perez”, Charles. It made you part of the Latino community, now you’re just another gringo, Ese!

  5. I cannot believe in 2009 we have such hateful people among us. I mean who in the hell are we as a society to tell others if they are happy are not that it is wrong. I mean get a life the only person that should judge us is God no matter what you call him. Let the lord judge. I think all you ignorant people in the world should be sent off somewhere. I mean all these killings and shit cause 2 men kiss or because another guy looks at your wife is crazy. I think that is what is wrong with this world. I think it is time for us all to move forward and accept each other for our differences. I for one could care less who are what you are. I may get on here and say alot of shit, but I am just being silly crazy me. I have nothibg against any of you and I mean no harm by it. I just love getting a kick out of all of you and find all comments good and bad hilarious. I can be serious and sane at times. I mean just because are disgusted by 2 men kissing does not give you the right to prevent 2 other people from being happy. We all want love and we all have the right to be happy and live in peace.

    • Wake up Miami, Diego and I agreed! Gay-bashing is just racism, plain and simple. Every one is entitled to happiness. If you disagree, no one cares–no one who matters, anyway. Unfortunately, Diego, it looks like too many of the ignorant people come to Florida. OK, truce over, Belkys still stinks–but at least you can be sure it isn’t because of who she loves.

  6. Gay bashing is flat out wrong, but pertinent content is a whole different thing.

    Saying that I don’t need to see two guys (who aren’t even in SoFla anymore, so they’re not particularly relevant on this blog IMO) kissing is _not_ gay bashing. Telling those who say they don’t want to see that stuff that they’re “sad and pitiful” is simply hateful.

    That said, if the trend for SFLTV is to become a gay TMZ, then so be it – but at least recognize it for what it is.

    • But if it were a guy and a girl kissing, i bet you would not have said this and would not of cared…it’s all about equality.

      • You’re right – my only comment would’ve been to keep the posts relevant. IMO, most of the stuff appearing now either relates to people who used to be here but have long since left. Not much current stuff at all.

        That said, it’s a fact that the gay lifestyle (or whatever one might call it) is the exception rather than the rule. So no, it’s certainly not about equality.

  7. Nobody should be bashed Gay or Straight. When is last time u seen a straight couple bashed??? I mean if they are of different races black and white couple you might. I mean we in this copuntry still have a problem with black white people dating and that is wrong also.

  8. Diego, Did you know the Walmart near me used to have Lesbian Night every friday Night. I kid you not. I went there a few times disguised as “Uncle Ben” trying to “convert” some pretty lesbian. Of course I failed big time! It was like half the shoppers there were lesbian couples, really wild !

  9. GBMiami87 thank you

    I will come in my denim speedo with big buckle on side that barely covers my GOODIES.

    Chuckie’s entire house is dirty

    I can enter Palm Beach count JERK LOL LOL


    • Sounds good!…eventhough that is not the de facto FOX station for Palm Beach County…but i still watch the station anyways.

  10. At the same time “Chuck and I will hang out in a man cave” watching The Dolphins Game on a big screen tv, dropping popcorn all over the floor….Burp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hmmmmmmmmmm I see Diego says “I would love a piece right now” maybe, I’ll start “Gay Harmony”….I’ve said theres one type of cabe tv service that not out there and I’m betting it would make millions !!! A gay porno service……Diego, don’t you aggree it would make $$$$$ ??? PPV gay movies !!!

  12. You could only be Belkys Nerey. I dressed up as the Pope and listened to confessions all night. Some interesting penances were handed out…



    I had a 10 pound make bag and all my pores were covered in cheap make up


    I even had a desk and in between breaks i applied more make up


  14. BTW……Laurie Jennings left ch7 for a much better paying job. Belky leaving for a better paying job? About the same chance as Sally Fitz had? Don’t make me laugh !!!

  15. BTW, some of you may be interested to know that apparently Kelly Craig reads this site. She mentioned the pic of Charles and hubby (without specifically mentioning the site, but I knew it was SFLTV) this morning on the Paul and Young Ron show on Big 105.9 🙂


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