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Julie Durda Deletes Twitter Account After Spat with Joe Rose


Last week WSVN meteorologist Julie Durda deleted her Twitter account after a spat with WTVJ Sports Director Joe Rose who also has his own radio show on WQAM. Details are thin but what we know is that something was said about Julie on the radio show, either by Joe Rose or another host/guest, that upset her and triggered an argument on Twitter and/or she had tweets directed at her that caused her to quit Twitter altogether.  I’m also told this isn’t the first time Julie Durda has been upset with comments made about her by Joe Rose or people on his radio show.

I’ve found some of the deleted Tweets and will have those shortly, but unfortunately there is no recording of the Joe Rose Show. Anyone with tips can text me 954-66-SFLTV or email.

Stay tuned for more details on this as I find them

ok here’s just some of the tweets I have, overall there are around 250 but tracing her responses is a bit difficult, they don’t flow so I had to read trough everything for hours and piece things together a bit.

First on the 28th of March she spilled coffee on her dress, had to change midway trough Today in Florida into a different dress, which became a topic of discussion on the Joe Rose radio show. Then people were tweeting her comments about the incident, some were crude and inappropriate. She responded at the end of the broadcast:

and later answered a viewer who had sent her a tweet. It appears they’ve discussed her personal relationship on the show, she recently became engaged to someone who is an ad account executive at WSVN.


Then on March 30th, it appears @Cubanation is connected to the Joe Rose show tweeted this and Julie Durda responded:

A few days later around April 4th her account was closed.

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  1. Durda has very thin skin. Joe Rose jokes around a lot and likes to get in peoples business. Every male guest that is on he asks “how you doing with the ladies?”. Every female he tries to setup with his hapless interns. That’s his schtick. Pretty sure he hit on something she felt was too personal.

    Local weather girls, the reason you’re invited to the sports shows isn’t because of the weather lol.

    • And that coming from someone that would know, DOLLY we all out here love, and always will, your the best, HOWARD from MIAMI,FLORIDA 33183 [some though are thin skinned, and I am sure the JOE was just doing his thing, and didnt mean anything by it. He is awesome, I have listened to him go up against the field manager of the MARLINS, and he is able to hold his ground with anyone.]

  2. It amazes me how thin skin many news talents are. Especially those who like to dish it out. Trust me I’m not the biggest fan of Joe but still if you can’t take it don’t get in the biz!

  3. It amazes me just how many people here seem to think that it’s perfectly okay for a tired, over the hill and quite frankly boring sportscaster to take jabs at a woman. Even more-so to allow any of his fans/cronies to speak any ill towards a woman on his sports show. It’s Classless, gutless and quite frankly wreaks of macho-ist woman hating.

    I’m not a huge fan of Julie personally, then again, I’m not a fan of the sheer amount of model personalities that Miami news as a whole is guilty of shoving down the throats of viewers and calling them “reporters”.

    Difference between me and others here and sports cronies is that, I wouldn’t go out of my way to disrespect a woman. Any woman, in any such position. Not to mention

    • Luis,
      You know what amazes me? Someone who doesn’t even know what was said any facts and then starts blabbing about it.

      You just blabbing on about what you read in this post which has not one shred of information about what was actually said.

      • Howard, You’re assuming too much and know too little.

        Immediately after the original news post was published, i went ahead and did a few searches on twitter and got enough to formulate my own opinion. There were a handful of people on twitter who also responded.

        With some clever twitter cache using the blueberry pie api, you can see quite a few of those comments. The blueberry pie API has a very longlasting cache.

        If you have enough wit to make such a response, you should have zero problem figuring out how to get api cache from twitter and see some of the comments yourself.

        Now on to the real subject at hand here. SOME of the comments were just Joe being Joe. It’s not like we are dealing with an intellectual here. Regardless, nobody with a clear mind could tell me that the comments aren’t downright disrespectful to Julie and women in general.

        To be fair, much of the garbage is insinuated by his producer Zach Krantz. The Buck stops with Rose however, It’s his show and if he had an ounce of class, he wouldn’t bother talking about her in any capacity beyond her former cheer-leading days.

        There’s so much more going on in the ACTUAL sports world like ridiculous Castro comments and football coaches groping and gaping young men in the bathroom for two grown guys talking about their disdain for a woman on the news. There’s no way anyone can spin this into anything that it isn’t. This is Misogyny at its core.

        I’m actually surprised that his fellow female co-workers at NBC6 haven’t taken offense to any of his comments as well. He regularly rates the female news workers on his radio show and twitter account. There’s enough comments there to make any female co-worker of his uncomfortable.

        NBC should be looking into this.

        • Oh, you did “Twitter” research? I didn’t know that. I certainly didn’t know you used the ole’ “blueberry pie API” either.

          That changes things. Sorry for what I said.

        • I agree some comments might be disrespectful. But someone has to be the bigger person and just learn to ignore it. Durda is a representative of an important organization. Not very classy of her.

          • By the way, does anyone know if that twitter account that was deleted her personal or work account????

    • So, it’s perfectly okay to abuse and insult males, is it? We just have to keep those “little ladies” safe because they aren’t adults and can’t possibly fight their own battles, right? Another sexist white knight moron.

  4. I respect everyone’s opinions here. Now I will share mine. I believe that Julie Durda’s comments were unprofessional. Unfortunately, when you are on TV you will be talked about Especially on a radio sports show. Seriously, what do men talk about? sports and women. This girl is popular because of these guys talking about her and shes not all that great. If Durda can’t handle the talk then she’s in the wrong business. As far as what I saw on the twitter she went off calling Joe a “D-Bag” and stating that all listeners including hosts all had issues. Now I think that’s pretty insulting, after all these people on the show are WSVN fans and her fans. She also said other things which I hope someone gets to post. Anyway, I personally don’t watch her anymore. She showed her class by responding the way she did. And she is a representative of Wsvn. I wouldn’t be happy with this.

  5. I was surprise to learn the Julie deleted her twitter account over some dude at a radio show. I was able to tease her on twitter about the weather and I liked the fact she had a sense of humor about it. I felt that I could communicate with Julie as though I have known her for years so I treated her as such. I did notice she had a temper, awhile back she defended her love interest with an angry tone to her writing. She basically needs someone strong to lead her through some of the annoyances of being a public figure. I don’t hold a beauty against her nor the relationships that don’t pan out for her. I watched her a number of times when I visited southern Florida and she was just as good as others that I had seen. Julie should come to twitter, say she is sorry for her outburst and not let some dude from a radio show spoil a good thing!

  6. It’s a shame that any on-air talent has to deal with these types of issues. These are hard working individuals that strive for perfection on a daily basis to capture their audience. In this specific case Durda is probably the hardest working talent in SFL TV. She is on-air every 10 minutes from 5a-10a compared to others who can break during the network news shows like GMA or Today, or those that only do a half hour evening newscast.

    As far as professionalism, it is Rose who is the most unprofessional person in SFL media. With all of the sports content in this market (Heat Championship, Dolphins Rebuilding, Panthers Playoffs, Marlins Stadium, the list goes on) he still manages a way to bring Durda into his show on a daily basis for an extended period of time. Of course it is expected from a male driven sports show to comment on women on occasion, but they way Rose uses her name “Dirty Durda” and openly calls her a “b!tch” on his show clearly shows the class of his show. Additionally, Rose continually dips into her personal life as if he is some sort of TMZ reporter. What gives Rose the right to comment on Durda’s behind the scenes life. Certainly she isn’t using her airtime to discuss his.

    However, the most comical comment on here was that Rose has made Durda famous. Surely it wasn’t Rose that got her the degree in meteorology, or the certification, or the jobs in San Fran, Phoenix, Miami or the next stop on her resume. And clearly she didn’t get her like-able personality from Rose either. If you check Durda’s bio she has a pretty impressive career with most taking place before her arrival to Miami.

    So in the end you don’t get a tweet from Durda in the morning telling you it’s going to be a gorgeous SLF day, you can still turn on the TV cant you?

  7. OK, been looking all over for these tweets. Can someone post a few of these or know where i can see them?

  8. Been looking everywhere for these tweets between them. Anywhere I can go to see them or can be posted here?

  9. I agree that Joe Rose is not the most professional person. But I think that there is more to this than we know? Perhaps he has reason to not like her or something happened that has made him say those things about her? People in the media will be talked about unfortunately. Either way i feel it wasn’t classy to stoop to his level by ranting on her work twitter account. It’s probably why it was deleted.

      • GoodPR: yes, twitter account gone, that was it, the tell sign,. no reason for that. cept if it was fake and them to stop people from going there and picking it apart to see just how fake it was. bingo, GOODPR got it right, i been reading and your the only one, so far. and that was 6 years ago. you win the fikel finger of faith. congrats

  10. What was up with her speech when saying goodbye to Richard Lemus??? Seriously no wonder why people talk about this girl. Her business is out because of her. So if you don’t like people talking then keep quiet.

  11. Julie Durda looks fantastic! She is a great looking woman which aides her career. There are several good looking women on TV in South Florida. Some work at NBC, two very famous ones work with Joe Rose. He would NEVER SAY those things about them.

    Julie is a good person from everyone I know who has personally met her and personally knows her. I think dipping into her personal life is mean and rude. Those guys might have been mega losers.

    I wish her success in her career and Joe needs to go easy on her.

    I do think Lissette Gonzalez hanlded this better with the Amgio and Diz. She won their “mamicita madness” tournament and encouraged folks to vote for her and came on the show.

    Lissette Gonzalez knows she is a great looking woman and all the ups and downs that come with it. All Julie has to do to make this right is go on Joes’ show for a shift talk this out and admit that she is a hottie the object of men’s lusts. The same as Lissette Gonzalez and tons of other beautiful women in the spotlight.

  12. In reference to Joe Rose, I do listen to him on a constant basis. It is unique listening to him on QAM. I think a lot of it goes with Zach Krantz (and I like him too). The only people he doesn’t talk about on his radio show is NBC 6. But lets think about this for a second.

    Former Miami Dolphin Player (thats the reason hes with QAM)
    NBC6 Sports Anchor
    Came from U-California Berkley

    Model on EA Tiger Woods 2003
    Cheerleader for 49ers
    Worked in four different markets.

    Maybe they are similar considering that Joe Rose is originally from the Bay Area as is Julie Durda. I don’t know. Trying to draw parallel lines

  13. How could this illiterate “journalist” who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” even conceive that she isn’t anything more than eye candy for retards.
    Stop taking yourself so seriously lady. You KNOW what you are.
    You weren’t hired for knowing the difference between cumulonimbus clouds and virga. You were hired because you are something shiny to look at that happens to know how to put some sentences together, so don’t even pretend that you’re not part of the womanizing game yourself. You perpetuate it. Stupid hypocrite.

  14. Does it really matter what he said? He is on AM radio. Theres like 12 listeners in south fl. that tune in. AM radio is like pbs..free to be on. He’s like the big head ugly kid at school who always tries to get attention by acting like he’s cool by causeing problems. His low self-esteem kicked in caused him to get attention.

  15. Joe Rose is a kiss asser and thats why he works for channel 6 now also because of Tony Segreto that connected him there and kissed his behind before Segreto retired Rose shouldn’t even be on any station , im getting into his business yes , a guy that’s had problems with woman divorced and he wanted to score with Durda , i cant wait till you get off the air your no good . Theres my web site Rose. I just wish Neil Rogers was still alive .

  16. Julie seems to be using this incident to enjoy her honeymoon, start a family, and further her career in an environment where she is more comfortable. It just doesn’t add up that a woman who is a former professional cheerleader, acquired a degree in meteorology, has worked in different markets around the country, is as thin skinned as she is being portrayed. I personally commend her for her conviction to personal health and her belief in giving back. There will always be those who, for whatever reason, want to bring you down. The only reason I believe Julie would pay ANY attention to anything negative, would be to turn it into a positive. I mean she obviously will show up in South Florida somewhere else and Joe Rose will still be there. Except now, Julie will have moved on, and I will be watching for her. Still not caring what Rose is saying or spewing.

  17. Wouldn’t watch Julie Duh-Duh if I never saw the weather report again. Aside from being thin-skinned, she is full of herself, phony, has a cracking voice, and is unable to even pronounce “Florida” correctly, rather we get a profound FLOOOOR-e-da. And what about “Braawd” for Broward. The woman is pitiful. Can’t believe someone at Ch.10 was dumb enough to hire her. I hear they are regretting that decision now because of her demands as if she were Princess Diana, Queen of Sheba, or someone special.


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