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Video: WSVN’s Diana Diaz Has a YouTube Moment


someone caught WSVN Today in Florida anchor Diana Diaz as she had a YouTube moment on TV while joking about Christine Cruz. Let’s just say, good thing the commercial break happened so fast 🙂

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    • where have you been? they’ve run those for a very long time. If I’m not mistaken a “new” one is on every Sunday at the end of the 10pm newscast, then repeat Monday mornings.

        • I don’t know, they’ve aired her segments since at least 2000 if not earlier.

          They also air FOX News reports and often the reporter signs off as Reporter Name, Fox News, sometimes as 7 News

          • I’ve never watched much TIF, but I don’t remember Jeanne Moos being a regular part of the Sunday night shows. I have, however seen PLG air Jeanne Moos stuff (and cringed while watching it).

            Airing Fox stuff is different than airing Jeanne Moos. 7 is a Fox affiliate. Everyone knows it. It’s part of their brand (if not their branding).

            Jeanne Moos does discretionary stories. There’s never a Jeanne Moos story that’s a “must run” or “must cover” story. She’s well known and completely and inextricably tied to CNN. Sure, 7 is a CNN affiliate, but, as far as I’m concerned, CNN should be a transparent, behind-the-scenes relationship, since everyone in a given market can access it.
            That’s what makes it different from the Fox News relationship.

            And if PLG – or anyone else — is airing the same Jeanne Moos package, well, that just reinforces the brand muddling I was talking about.

  1. Diana is the queen of the morning show. Nothing like waking up grabbing the first cup of coffee and then watching one of the hottest ladies on tv…..She gets me going everytime!!!!


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