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WSVN, WPTV Win Edward R. Murrow Awards


WSVN and Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV have both won regional Edward R. Murrow awards. WPTV won an award in the Hard News reporting category for their “Keyless Cars” story on whether or not keyless cars are safe, reported by Katie LaGrone.

WSVN won a Murrow award in the Video News Series category for their ‘Hope for Haiti’ series reported by Nicole Linsalata who went back to Haiti in February 2012.

You can check out both winning entries after the jump

WSVN winning entry:

WPTV winning entry:

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  1. congrats to nicole she is really a great reporter. I find her very easy on the eyes think she is extremely erotic being very flat chested!!! nonetheless great job!!!

  2. I find Jimbo’s comments prolific despite the fact he is brain dead and lacks a sac. Nicole, you’re too good for sftv. Take your talent to DC or network. Not many people can say they’ve won a murrow. You join an elite class. Congrats.

    • Plexer glad to see you can actually put a sentence together…and how would you know i dont have a sac………that’s right i left it inside of you……..when you were calling me daddy!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nicole,

    Congratulations on your award. I find regardless of your bra size to be a very competent and professional reporter. I do agree with the above poster though that you are easy on the eyes.
    If you’re ever on Hollywood beach my friend TM would like to meet you.

  4. The comments from Jimbo show the type of low-brow viewers Channel 7 has attracted. “Jimbo,” you are not a nice person. Nicole Linsalata is not only a nice person, she is a fantastic reporter. Her looks or physical qualities should not be your focus. I would love to see what you look like. You probably are not very attractive at all. As for Nicole, she won a Murrow because she is a great reporter. You are not a great human being for posting things like this on a website. But, then again, that’s what thugs do. I would love to meet you to hit you in the face for your comments. If you’re not too busy collecting your unemployment check or putting on a new muffler at Midas, lets schedule a time to meet at a Starbucks somewhere. I’m sure you’re little sack and other tiny parts will not show up.

    • James you obviously cant read or are just plain stupid.Allow me to help you i will go slooooooowly….I WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO CONGRATULATE HER….FACT#1.. congrats to nicole she is really a great reporter….FACT#2 I find her very easy on the eyes think she is extremely erotic being very flat chested!!…(THIS IS A PREFERENCE IN SOME MEN,BUT THEN AGAIN YOU NOT BEING A MAN,MIGHT NOT GET IT)..and lastly FACT# 3..nonetheless great job!!!…What part of my comments do you have a problem with???
      Why do you ask about my private parts? I get it you are probably a very frustrated transvestite who is also flat chested…..sorry not my type…i would gladly meet you at starbucks but being you cant read you’ll probably get lost……sorry looser


  5. Amazing journalism Nicole. The best reporting I have ever seen from her. Who is the photographer/editor? He or she deserves equal praise. BRAVO


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