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NBC Fires Miami-Based Correspondent for Zimmerman 911 Edit

Liali Luciano Photo:MSNBC.com

Lilia Luciano, an NBC News correspondent based in Miami (more like WTVJ studios in Miramar) has been fired by the network for using an edited version of George Zimmerman’s 911 call on the Today show on March 20. In her story the edit omitted the underlined phrase below:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good or on drugs or something. He’s got his hand in his waistband. And he’s a black male.
Dispatcher: Are you following him?
Zimmerman: Yeah.
Dispatcher: Okay, we don’t need you to do that.

Lilia Luciano was with NBC News since October 2010, she joined from Univision where she co-hosted “Aqui y Ahora“.

SFLTV first broke the news last Friday that WTVJ investigative reporter Jeff Burnside was fired for using an edited version of the 911 Zimmerman call in his story that aired during local newscasts. Shortly after, NBC and WTVJ had to admit officially why Burnside was no longer with the station.


  1. Why don’t you report that she also edited out that the 9/11 dispatcher ASKED if the guy Zimmerman was calling about was black, white or hispanic?

    Any and every “journalist” who uses this story to fan a race war should be held criminally and civilly responsible for any violence that has and may occur.

    Every “justice” for trayvon” beating should be laid right at your feet, as well as on the the bamboozler in the WH, “trayvons other father”.

  2. Fubo, any violence that has occurred? You mean Trayvon’s murder? Or is that the only crime that gets a pass?

    Shame this chick was fired. She’s hot.

  3. I’m so sick of the “hot” garbage! “Hot” is beyond elevant. Don, are you hot? I certainly hope so, because apparently rides on that. Not your brains, ethics or skills. Just your alleged “hotness”– or lack thereof.

    • I live in the real world plexer. The one where ugly people don’t report the news or weather. Only hot chicks. Have you seen wsvn’s new morning team? Talk about mamacita madness!

      If I want news I can go to 100 sites on the internet and get news when I wand and how I want. If I’m going to tune into a local channel to get news, it petter come out of the pouty lips of a hottie.

      And to answer your question…no, I’m not hot, but I don’t have to be. I’m a man.

  4. Once again, SFLTV was wrong… AGAIN.

    “Lilia Luciano, an NBC News correspondent based in Miami (more like WTVJ studios in Miramar)”

    The beareau is SEPERATE and is at it’s OWN location. It’s NOT located at WTVJ in Miramar.

    • 1. It’s spelled bureau, not beareau.
      2. It’s spelled separate, not seperate.
      3. The first “it’s” does not require an apostrophe.

  5. There is no way that a manager at NBC was not involved in this edit. I think NBC and WTVK are just using these three people as scapegoats. How can three people, who work in different offices all make the exact same edit? As a reporter at WSVN, when we get a 911 tape, it is given to us by a producer or the assignment desk. Then, I heard that Ron Allen at NBC News did the same thing but he is not being disciplined. I wonder why…..maybe because he’s black and will sue for discrimination? Hmmmm.


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