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WTVJ Traffic Reporter Nathalie Pozo no Longer With NBC 6

Nathalie Pozo Photo: Twitter @NathalieNBCMia

WTVJ traffic reporter Nathalie Pozo is no longer with the station. At least according to TVJobs.com. Her twitter account has also been silent since Friday April 27th. Nathalie Pozo joined WTVJ NBC Miami from WPBF 25, the ABC affiliate in Palm Beach County, in March 2010 and in addition to traffic she co-hosted Live Miami at 11am.

Nathalie Pozo is the firstย on-air talent at WTVJ to leave since the new general manager and news director came into place earlier this year

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    • Aww man! ๐Ÿ™
      I had a feeling when she wasn’t on all this week. I was hoping it was just a vacation. Wonder if they will replace her (they could always move Roxy back to traffic ), or continue with the off-camera reports from Joe Brennan.

    • not such a bad thing… the traffic reporter position seems a bit of a waste when they can get it from the service anyway. She was also terrible on the 11 a.m. show.

      Seems Adam Kuperstein took Kevin Corke’s place – I think he’s doing great!

  1. Those women are not so bad, pleasant to listen to in the AM. But faaarr worse yet… seems that as of today WTVJ moved journalistically incompetent Donna Rapado to the morning show. That woman can not deliver a coherent story to save her life, and now we have to try to follow her disjointed delivery and writing before our first cup of coffee. Please, WTVJ management….She should definitely be the next to go!

  2. Adam is anchoring with Jackie until they find a replacement for Kevin Corke. Adam is suppose to anchor with Pam in the Morning. Trina Robinson is a great anchor and she is anchoring the 5:30PM newscast and filling in for Jackie Nespral when she not on air.

    • Glad to see Trina anchor in the evening. I really enjoy her and think her talent could be much better used at the news desk and away from the 11 am show

      Is this a new assignment for Trina, or will she be going back to mornings?

  3. Why doesn’t NBC at least address that she’s gone? They have acted like she never existed which I find so phony. Don’t get me wrong, Pozo did not have the personality and could not come up with an original thought or emotion on camera. It was almost uncomfortable to watch her try to interact with other people but at least let her say goodbye. BTW that 11am show is a train wreck.

    • Chris, I completely agree… only reason that one should not get a chance to say good-bye is if they really messed up and have to pack it up immediately…

  4. Adam Kuperstein & Joe Rose must be two of the hardest working sports personalities in South Florida.

    1-3 PM with Steve Goldstein on 560 QAM and now temp. lead anchor with Jackie Nespral

    6-10 AM morning show on 560 QAM and Sports director where last show is 11 PM at night and he has to be at QAM by 5:30 in the morning. That’s crazy.

  5. Rose & Kuperstein brains are smaller than the size of a pea. 2 clueless morons. TVJ is a trainwreck!!!

  6. It’s about time!! She was terrible.

    I agree, Trina Robinson is one of the best on that news station. And I mean BEST!

  7. While change is difficult , the show must go on.
    Pam and Donna complete the journalist and entertainment criteria. Trina can do it all, while the balance are medium to strong. As in any team , business , sports , they complement each other and the management decisions.Weather is weather!

  8. Trina is very nice and humble in person and professional. If WTVJ will ever make the call to replace or demote Jackie Nespral, Trina will would be the best candidate. I can watch the 5:30PM newscast but Jackie anchoring the 5PM,6PM and 11PM with Adam, I can’t watch. There is nothing professional about those two. And Adam? are they making him the next Tony Segreto? Tony is a legend! I switch to Local 10. Adam is better off in the mornings with Pam, they would have great chemistry. It’s obvious that every1 knows Trina is way more of a stronger/better journalist than Jackie. Tell me why Julia Yarbough decided to leave the station and Kevin Corke? They were tired of crazy and dumb management. Why keep her in the same position and knowing the ratings are down the drain for so long? WTVJ is a legendary station and it frustrates the viewers how this station has gone down the drain. The Pozo girl was not that great of a traffic reporter, she was not accurate with information she reported on air. They should bring back Kelly Craig to the anchor desk instead of special assignments with the station. -Frustrated Viewer

    • Julia Yarbough left to start her own business and to find a husband (no joke… it’s true! Search her, you will find her blogs and story). Kevin Corke was fired… he did not chose to leave at all. I agree about Kelly Craig, she would add a lot of color and life! But I don’t agree about Adam. I think he is intelligent and has a great energy. I think he’d do well in any time slot.

  9. Adam is a great anchor, not with Jackie Nespral. Julia did leave the station to start her own business but the real reason was because of poor management there. Kevin Corke was not fired he found an opportunity to be a sport anchor for disney EPSN. They should bring back Kelly Craig, she is a legend.

    • Kevin Corke was absolutely fired. He was too dry and never connected with the focus groups or SF viewers. He developed no recognizability after all the time here. He did not increase viewership at all. he was let out of his contract, and subsequently found a position with ESPN. You can ask anyone who works in the WTVJ newsroom… it is public knowledge.

    • Who exactly IS a good co-anchor with Jackie? That has been a revolving door for years. She has some talents but certainly not enough to be THE lead anchor in a top 20 market.

  10. Kevin Corke was terrible. He used to thank taped segments ? WTF !

    Puzo was a friggin joke. Roxy fake as a three dollar bill. Spears is nice. Nespral is as fake as Roxy.

    Bring back Kelly ! She was the best !

    That 11:00 a.m. show B L O W S !

    • Pozo was Ms. Traffic Screamin Mimi; Trina may be a jack of all trades, but certainly a master of none. She is wayyyyy toooo dramatic for a reporter; no personal emotions should be delivered with the message. Now has anyone thought about Julia Bagg’s horrible delivery of every news she gives???? She always fumbles for words and never has her story straight and ready – WTVJ – you need to let her find a more sleepy market!!! Clean up your act WTVJ or you will continue to loose viewers!

  11. Yeah I know Kevin was boring on air, but he is a stronger journalist than the co-anchor. The ratings are still bad and I can’t stand to watch an anchor team that has phony chemistry. It’s not watchable! Tell me why is Jackie Nespral still in the same position for so long and no ratings improvement? Ch.7 sucks and Ch.4 is okay but I get better news and reports on Ch.10. I watch a newscast on Ch.6 and it’s always technical issues. If I am going to watch Ch.6 and someone anchors it has to be a real connection not phony with viewers. Pam is great and I see as a viewer a better connection with Pam and Adam than I do with Jackie Nespral. Nothing personal with Jackie but the station is not making smart decisions. But the best decision the station made in a very long time is promoting Trina Robinson. She deserved every bit of it. I see the realness through Trina, Pam, Shiri, and a few others. I can connect with them. If Kelly comes back would watch more. I grew up watching this station and to watch a top station to a bottom one it is very painful to watch.

    • Agree. I think they should give the entire 5pm block to Trina, ideally with a co-anchor (Kelly Craig?)

      Saw Trina was not in their latest weather promos so it looks like she’s back on the news team for good?

  12. Yeah, let’s go Kelly ! Jackie is silly with her giggling and Roxy is soooo phony. Bad news!
    And that new sports reporter on the week-end; no comment, too polite.

  13. If Kelly and Trina gets back together to anchor,viewers will watch them. Those two are the best on the news team and in market plus they are crazy and funny together. They should move Jackie into something else. After watching her for so long with the fake laughs and no connection with viewers, you get tired of watching. I still think the station was wrong in firing Jennifer Valoppi, she was a great anchor. Martha Sugalski had potential to be the lead anchor for the station, she is great in Orlando. Last night (fri.), I could not watch the news on Ch.6 had to quickly turn. Ch.10 and Ch.4 has the best news team in this market. Why NBC for so long been nice to her? Besides the looks and popularity she has, the lady is not qualified. The station should start using common sense, no they rather keep her and work around that based on her looks, popularity and experience on Today Show. If I was management at Ch.6 Jackie would be out the way, would not fire her. I would bring back Kelly Craig and move Trina as the lead anchor. Does Trina Robinson remind you of Ann Bishop in the way how she delivers the news? Next time you watch Trina think about Ann Bishop. Those were the great days in Miami Ann & Dwight. I really miss them they had the best chemistry.

  14. I liked Nathalie Pozo…she was genuine. Can not bear Roxanne Vargas…not as intelligent as Pozo. Love Kelly Craig..she has great sense of humor and would be great on the 11AM show. Spear is dull. Trina is good. Rapado is not Pam! Jackie Nespral seems phony. I miss Nathalie Pozo! Bring her back!

    • Agree, but I would take if farther. Rapado is horrendous. Unwatchable. Morning viewers have been subjected to her all week now, and then again anchoring the weekend??? She is unbearable. Please, WTVJ, bring in someone of quality. We are begging.

      • I totally agree about Rapado. I remember the first time I saw her and thought of that other idiot they had on the mornings (Scott Solomon?)

        I am a loyal Today Show fan who only watches the morning show because it’s connected to it. I like Giganti, Rose, Spear, Phillips and Kuperstein but not Nespral or JOHN MORALES. John’s just boring, boring, boring.

        I have no opinion on Trina Robinson but I thought at first she was a transvestite (hey, it’s Miami…anythings possible).

  15. is Sad That Nathalie Pozo Is Leaving NBC Miami & Now Jorge Estevez From CBS 4 is Moveing To Orlando & now Wsvn Richard Lemus Is Leaving No Body Can Replace Them For WTVJ WFOR & WSVN & WPLG Safety Right Now ITS a Good Thing That We all Are Not Boycotting all 4 News Stations In South Florida Right Now NBC Miami Needs To Do The Right Thing Bring Back Nathalie Pozo This FALL & They need To Have Trina Roxy & Kelly & Shiri On The 11 AM Show & WFOR Needs To Bring Back Maggie Rodriguez & WTVJ Needs To Bring Back Kevin Corke This FALL To IF They Dont Boycott NBC 6 & WSVN 7 & WFOR 4 & WPLG 10 A S A P ?

  16. WTVJ is terrible at levels except for buckethead Joe Rose.

    Betty Yu ? Are you kidding ? Do not want to watch crossed eyes people on the air.

    Corke Terrible. Pam is barely watchable. Roxy ? What can you say. A wanna be Entertainment Tonight “reporter”. Shiri is ok. Nathalie Do Not Call Me Natalie Puzo was full of attitude. How many times can you say OK Ok Ok………Alright…..Alright. Ryan is good. Trina has attitude.
    Missed the days of Ralph Rennick Jim Brosmer Susan Lichtman John Hambrick Rick Weaver. Tony Segreto was ok.

    Trina is no Ann Bishop.

  17. Okay, well the rumor is the moved Roxy to the evening shift as a last chance, but her fate might have already been determined. Adam will move to the morning with Pam in a few weeks and then move on-air will be leaving.

    • Well, Nathalie has already worked West Palm Beach and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale markets, so unless she wants to head to the west coast (Naples/Ft. Myers), a-north she will be heading, or maybe even out of state. Thing is, she’s not anchor material, so she’s pretty much limited to traffic reporting, doubt she wants to go the weather route, unless she can get some co-hosting job. I’ll miss her, she was the most beautiful, IMO, of all the women on the morning show ๐Ÿ™

  18. Brain, do you know who will be replacing Kevin Corke? And anything on Kelly Craig anchoring again?

  19. I am a fan of Ms. Pozo,, but she was hired as a pretty face and unfortunately she gained a lot of weight. Same as with Kelly Craig, who is now back on the air. Hair loss on men has the same results early in their career. 2012? More like 1960.

  20. Bring back Kelly Craig, she has a fantastic sense of humor, and a great personality. They should have never let her go.

  21. I will really miss Nthalie in the a.m. I thought she along with Shiri mad a good combo first thing in the morning…..always positive and very pleasent. What’s not to like? I thought their delivery was very professional. Pam, as always will continue to be a ray of sunshine first thing in the morning. Best of luck Nathalie!

  22. All These changes are going to turn away viewers to switch to another news station. About Natalie Pozo, well, she was always looking like she was going to a club with dark eye makeup and unprofessional way of dressing on a news show. Roxy is not so bad as an entertainmen reporter. I like Pam. Very educated and professional. I agree with Trina. She is ready and should be promoted to head anchor along side an older professional anchor man. Not someone that report and look like they should be in entertainmen reporting. I like Bob mayer. Tony Segreto is a Legend but like everything, people should be able to retire when the time is right but once in a wile you can catch it on tv on various commercials but we all miss him. Just seems that wtvj is having a hard time finding the right people that fit the station and maybe peole are also having a hard time with managment as anything else and either leave or get fired cause of dissagrement ofr when new managment take over they usually fire some and bring along there own staff slowly. Just to add, yes i do like Sheri Spear. Very beautiful, classy, professional and educated. Keep her for a long time alone with Pam, Trina, Roxy as entertainmen reporter. Love to see willard shepard more often as before.

    Finally wtvj as always been the station i always watch for news. Always liked and enjoyed it. At least tell us whats going on when u get rid of an anchor. They are the one that are on the air each and every day. Just let us know whats happening.

  23. Today was the final day of Live Miami at 11. Starting Mon. NBC 6 News at 11:00am anchored by Pam Giganti and 11:30 Six in the mix with Roxy. Has anyone seen the maybe preview of the new NBC 6 logo? Still not watchable they should bring back Kelly Craig to do the news! I still can’t watch Jackie and Adam together did anyone watch the breaking news on the Turnpike on Thurs.? Horrible coverage they were the last station to give updated information and had the nerve to break-into programming during prime time. Stupid Call. They should have given Trina the part to deliver the viewers on the breaking news. What they are trying to do is to still push Jackie Nespral out there more over Trina.I agree with the other response they should have Trina as the lead anchor and bring in someone (male) older to anchor with her and build on that. Local 10 has the best newscast in this market!

  24. They were not the last. Ch 7 was first on the air because the chopper went up even though the weather was not good for flying. And WTVJ had exclusive elements that you did not see on the other stations. Meanwhile belki says sorry for the information we try to confirm before airing the information. They “TRY” to confirm? WTVJ is not what they used to be but I’m seeing a lot of changes happening. No more chit chat. The shows are faster paced. I still like ch 10. But after that 6

  25. WTVJ needs more edge and a fresh look. Quite frankly, everything down to the news set needs to be refreshed; it’s outdated and hasn’t aged well. I think WTVJ has tried to create a winning formula by putting together a culturally diverse news team but it’s clearly not working. I have a feeling Jackie Nespral is still around because WTVJ might feel she’s the last thing that’s “familiar” to their evening viewers. Despite her background, I don’t feel that warrants her the lead position on the 5pm show and I think she’s due for a pink slip. Along side Jackie, Joe Rose should be the next one in line to get the boot. He comes across as arrogant and, is quite frankly, annoying to watch. Pam Giganti is one of WTVJ’s stronger anchors and should get moved to evenings to replace Jackie. Having someone like Adam Kuperstein as an anchor on any of the newscasts seems juvenile and a desperate attempt to bring in a younger audience–similiar to hiring Roxanne Vargas and Nathalie Pozo. Roxanne comes across as artificial and seems like she’s trying too hard to be the next best thing. Nathalie, however, is way too fresh–even for a traffic reporter. She’s a pretty face but needs to work on her delivery. Also, Trina Robinson would be a good fit as the “second in command” 5:30 anchor alongside someone well into their career and Amara Sohn and Sharon Lawson should both co-anchor weekday mornings. Moreover, WTVJ needs to get rid of most, if not all, of their stale, tenured reporters like Hank Tester. It seems like every time I tune into six, there’s always a new, mediocre reporter in the field. While I understand WTVJ is trying to survive by being that “legacy” station with lots of tenured talent, they don’t realize that times are different and viewership changes. I’d love to see six survive and become a leading station, but under it’s current lineup and past-due strategy, it doesn’t seem too likely.

  26. I met Nathalie and Shiri Spear at the NBC Miami Health and Fitness expo in 2011. Shiri is very cute in person but Nathalie is much better looking in person than on TV. Both were very nice and didn’t mind taking a couple of pics with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought Nathalie did good traffic reports, but as I work such a short distance away from my house, I wasn’t watching the traffic segments for that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m actually gutted by Nathalie being let go by WTVJ. Since being taken over by Comcast, things have gone downhill. I pretty much knew that was going to happen, Comcast is one of those companies that look at employees as a number instead of a person. ๐Ÿ™

  27. NBC 6 seems to be making many changes. Great!! They are needed. Ryan Phillips and Adam Kuperstein are doing great jobs. Please address the wardrobes of the women, especially Shari Spear and Trina Robinson. Please give these beautiful South Florida women a more sophisticated look. Pam Giganti has some of it but even she could use some help. Also, help John Morales. His choice of suits interferes with his forecasts. Please look at clothing, hairstyles, etc… Look at some of the national shows. I know you can’t please everyone but let’s give Miami and South Florida the sophistication it deserves.

  28. Live Miami at 11 a.m was it cancelled? They could have told us something. What happened to the girls? I watched them every morning.


  29. The Mix at 11:30 a.m. stinks.

    It is the same boring garbage. Roxanne Twilight Zone Vargas rehash.

    Where O where is the orange colored hair chef with her chef dust ?

  30. I could never understand the need for a traffic reporter on any TV station. These reporters are not giving any more information than the station can get directly from the D.O.T.service. Joe Brennan has been around for a long time. In the female dominated world of morning news, it’s nice to hear his wonderful voice for a change.

  31. I liked Nathalie Pozo,she was very personable. Roxanne Vargasโ€ฆis beautiful!. Spear is very professional and nice to look at and listen to.. Trina is good. Pam is all class! the best! I miss Nathalie Pozo! Bring her back!
    its amazing how so many think they would have the ability to run a television station. you can’t please every one, but you can tick every one off very easily.

  32. NBC 6 Will Start To Regret ALL The Moves That They Did IN June Moves That They Maid Was Very Bad Cuting Nathalie Pozo & Kevin Corke & Jeff Burnside & Kelly Craig Too From 3 Years AGO They Lay Her Off Thats Great Just Great They Spill The Beans Way To Many Times ?

  33. I’ll join the crowd wanting Kelly Craig back. I love Kelly! She’s funny, witty, and has a great personality. She was made for TV! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. They should definitely bring back Kelly — bad move getting rid of her. I love her on the Paul & Ron show. She’s funny and has the personality the show needs. Big fan of Pam and Trina too. I’ve been watching Pam for as long as I can remember … and I enjoy when Trina fills in on the morning show. As far as traffic goes Joe is fine — Pozo was just eye candy — not needed. TGIF everyone!

  35. Letting Pozo go was a poor decision. “Live Miami” with all four was a great show that also served the community.

  36. It was a very stupid and poor decision to let natalie pozzo go by nbc 6. She was sexy inteligent and had charisma

    • FWIW, earlier this week, I heard Nathalie doing traffic on 97.3 The Coast (WFLC). Dunno if she’s only doing that station or all the Cox Radio stations (besides The Coast, WFEZ, Hot 105, 99 Jamz) I think Hot 105 does traffic in-house, never listened to 99 Jamz, so I can’t say. Actually, have never really listened to WFEZ, although I did in their previous incarnation as 93 Rock.


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