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WTVJ Prematurely Tweets Bulls Player Injury, Retracts, Then Gets Lucky


someone manning the WTVJ twitter account prematurely tweeted Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose had an ACL knee injury. Then quickly retracted the tweet and later erased it. Well, nothing ever gets deleted from the internets so:

Over an hour later though the Universe must have took pity because the Bulls announced that Rose really did have an ACL injury and would miss the remainder of the season.

After the retraction Twitter users started a meme making fun of WTVJ / @NBCMiami







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  1. Sfl what’s the point of this post? It’s obvious they knew what they were talking about and didn’t just make it up. As a news outlet you WANT to be the first with the scoop. It sounds to me like they had inside sources. The problem is they didn’t attribute it to whoever their sources were.–the quasi-apology hurt their credibility more than the initial tweet.

  2. Looks to me like it was a case of looking at other speculation of Rose’s injury…and just following the pack of tweeting about it. Lucky? Maybe. But by no means were they the only ones talking about ACL/season ending injury. So yeah, what’s the point of this thread? We have Julie Durda twitter post/Jeff Burnside post and Christina Hernandaz twitter post. Twitter makes this blog run?

  3. I was browsing some NBA message boards when the injury happened and almost instantly people started speculating it was an ACL injury (same thing with Shumpert). You could say they had a crowd source…


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