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WTVJ Debuts 6 in the Mix


Video of WTVJ’s new program, ‘6 in the mix’ airing at 11:30am on weekdays. The former South Florida Today has been split and is now a half hour, followed by this new show hosted by Roxanne Vargas. Notice the new NBC6 logo and upcoming NBC Look F elements in the graphics

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  1. Soo…. They just renamed the second half of the show? I’m confused.. Wtf was that. Was it just to give roxanna her own show?

    • 11 a.m. is a half hour of news anchored by Pam Giganti. Wonder if she’s officially a full-time employee now?

      11:30 is 6 in the Mix anchored by Roxy.

      South Florida Today (or its most recent name “Live Miami at 11”) is no longer on the air in any form.

  2. Excuse my ignorance…Are those instructions on how to comlete a graphics template at 4:05 in the video where you would expect to see closing credits/copyright information? If so, then this is certainly amateur 1/2 hour.

    And that new 6 logo. Wow talk about flashback. That looks an awful lot like the 6 Action News logo from 20 years ago. Instead of an eye in the upper right you have a peacock in the lower left.

  3. Wow..the South Florida Today show was already heading into the gutter but this just brings it all to a new low. Desperate attempt to be “hip” is not cute. It seems so forced.

  4. Oh – so that’s what I happened to see at the barber shop this morning! I though that perhaps it was a digital (6.2, etc.) channel but is actually on NBC6 – they are struggling, that’s for sure, and this web site has not mentioned the changes even on the 5-7 a.m. newscast, with Brian Phillips now sharing some duties with Pam Giganti…

    Some have said OCM Shiri Spear is off for a day or two but no mention was made and it’s now Day 3 without her being seen, so perhaps the new General Manager is making more changes but hopefully she’s just off with the family for a few days…

    What a crazy business…

    • I though that I heard Ryan Phillips say on Monday that he and Shiri had swapped shifts (i. e., she’ll be doing weekend evenings from now on), but I could be mistaken.

      • Can anyone confirm Ryan Phillips and Shiri Spears’ new roles?

        Lots of changes at WTVJ… glad someone is trying some new things (although, Ryan in the AM is not new).

  5. Not sure what to make of this new “6 In The Mix” show. WTVJ has yet to get new set, graphics, and theme music on its newscasts.

    I’m assuming that Clickspring will design the new set… and have designed nice-looking news sets for other NBC O&O’s. I’m also assuming that a temporary set will be set up come late May or early June.

    Not sure if they’ll be getting graphics similar to those seen on other NBC O&O’s, or something different. “Action News” branding for WTVJ would look and sound nice. WTVJ getting an investigative unit on its newscasts with the “I-Team” branding. WTVJ dropping the half-hour 11AM newscast, and airing hour-long Noon newscast.

    I like the sound of the new NBC O&O music by 360 Music, which can be heard on WCAU Philly, WMAQ Chicago, and KNSD San Diego. Not sure if WTVJ will get the new NBC O&O music.

  6. Uh, sorry. You can try to polish the t*&d all you want. Until you get someone on that set who people want to watch, your gonna get crushed. Again…

  7. There are two slightly nice things about this show. Fist, the opening graphics look fairly slick. That’s because NBC6 has some great production people, photographers and editors. The second nice thing is this show will be canceled very soon and NBC6 will screw up with another lame, stuck in the box idea. Why would anyone watch national entertainment news and get that news from a local reporter on NBC6. This stuff is covered sufficiently by Access Hollywood and Extra and they are pretty awful to start. NBC6 seems to think that they should be covering national news. There are plenty of great, local, entertainment stories right here in Miami that they could cover and they don’t, or at least they don’t very well. Roxanne is a nice person. I work with her. But, we call know she is there because she brown nosed the Gm before the GM was fired and she got a job doing traffic. She needs experience in a smaller market to be better on air and get the respect from her co workers that she deserves to be there. Once of the major problems with NBC6 is they hire talent that just doesn’t cut it. But, when you are a last placed station and you’re paying someone like Roxanne 40 thousand a year gross, you get talent cheap and can’t demand much. In addition, when you employ producers who have no talent, other than stacking a show and doing the stereotypical things that they think news is, you get crap like this. Tammy Delgado is very involved in all this crap and so are many inexperienced producers who just slap together crap because it is cheap and simple to produce. If you look at WTVJ’s ratings, none of this has worked. I think the 11am hour gets a hash mark. Hopefully, Pam will help in the ratings a little but when you don’t cover new effectively and you cut everything down to the bare bones, you will only be able to put the easy to produce stuff on air and not cover the bread and butter of TV news: breaking news and the stories people care about.

  8. Dogtown. You are an idiot. Do you research. NBC is number 1 right now. With Adam Kuperstein killing the main anchor gig, the ratings have skyrocketed. Adam is the first real news anchor with immense talent since the good old days with Raplh Renick. We scored a 7.9 rating last Thursday at 6pm and a 10.9 rating at 11. Those are the highest ratings for any station in the past two years. People are talking about NBC6. Trina Robinson is an amazing anchor who reads the news better than anyone at our station and soon will take over for Jackie at 5pm. Jackie is the most amazing anchor in Miami with more than 25 years experience and she knows her stuff. When breaking news happens and there is no TelePrompter, jackie wings it and nails it everytime. More people turn to NBC6 for their news and, especially breaking news than any other station. By the way, Roxanne gets paid more than 125 thousand and Jackie is pulling in a cool 750,000. Adam is headed to the big time. The network already wants him to anchor at MSNBC or, possibly on a network gig. Get your facts right.

    • I agree with NBC6 Exec. NBC6 is the dominant station in town and they cover the news better than anyone else.

      • Just because ratings are going up or there’s a great deal of buzz about the station does not mean that NBC-6 can’t improve. Miami’s media should seriously take stock of the quality of its product. We are a major city but you won’t know it from what you read in the papers or see on the news.

  9. You are right Jason. The television news product in South Florida is not high quality. Channel 10 does the best job while Channel 7 dumbs down the news and uses alliteration way to much. “Plane Plunge,” “Tragic Tail..” CBS 4 is doing a little better but CBS stations rarely win in markets. There is no doubt that NBC6 is an awful product. Even though they may have some nice and talented young people, they can’t cover the news and they miss breaking news all the time. You can’t depend on NBC6 for anything. That’s a major problem.

  10. It almost looks like the NBC Daily Connection, it seems to me that NBC’s stations are having some trouble. Why don’t they just add a 30 min noon newscast and call it good. Other NBC stations do it too, look at KUSA in Denver they do this type of stuff all the time.

  11. Because the management at NBC6 are retarded. Tell me the name of one manager there who is actually talented and thinks outside the box? There are none.

  12. I like the show, but it needs to focus on South Florida. Why talk about something that the national media covered 1-2 days ago. Roxy is trying so hard to please the viewers and management that I’m starting to see someone that is fake and unwatchable. As a viewer I don’t have no connection with the host and show rather watch the View instead. They should move the news and entertainment at noon and move Access Hollywood Live as their lead-in at 11am. They should do more news on the nonstop channel like the rest of NBC Owned Stations.Hire some new faces and stop promoting in-house.

    • Wasn’t there a weekday 9 PM newscast on Nonstop awhile back? Amara anchored. Didn’t seem to last too long, and Amara is back on weekend evenings now.

        • Yes, and apparently they are trying to do the same with The Weather Channel staff – I’m sure the long-time TWC OCM’s must be upset that they might have to leave Atlanta for – Brooklyn (lol)…

  13. Thi six in the mix is a super poor mans version of deco drive its to hard to watch NBC 6 now they have gone from the most respected to the laughing stock of the industry what a shame and I know it will get worse and don’t know if they will ever get back their credibility and professionalism

  14. NBC6 can air a new show, with a new set, new logo, new music, new everything, but put Roxy on it and she’ll drag everything down. She has no talent at all. Her show won’t last long.

    By the way people, I’m no English major by any means but please proof read your comments before you send them. I have never seen so many mistakes. I mean really.

  15. I’m suprised at the number of comments here – apparently the changes are being noticed…

    The current ad for the morning news program shows just Pam Giganti at the old set…

    The truth is that with Bob Mayer’s departure the “316 North Miami Avenue” gang (Bob Weaver, etc.) were gone and since then it’s just been one issue after another for WTVJ – some of it is due to the endless changes in ownership of NBC (I can’t see how Comcast will do any better), but it’s also due to the South Florida market – since arriving at the new building they’ve constantly been trying to leave their old Miami roots behind, unlike Channel 10, who continues the “One and Only” slogan…

    Sometimes “new and improved” isn’t – no matter what the world says…

  16. Per FoxViewer’s comments, as you said Channel 10 is the best when it comes to quality – as most know, it was the home of Ann Bishop (d. 1997), and many award-winning TV journalists that we still see everyday (Steve Kroft, Susan Candiotti, etc.) worked under Ann at one time or another.

    WTVJ, on the other hand, was once in the same category as WPLG, especially during the Ralph Renick era, but as said earlier since their move to Broward and the retirement or departure of the old crowd their quality has diminished…

    Again, perhaps they need to have a large slice of humble pie and realize that change is not always a good thing – Channel 10 has also made a move to Broward County and to a new building and like other stations it does stays up to date when it comes to technology, but they did not forget the “Ann Bishop” way of doing things when it comes to reporting news – and it shows in the quality of their news programs…

    Just a suggestion…

    • the Ann Bishop/Ralph Renick, insert your favorite old time journalist here, days are gone and over with. Time to move on

      Stations all have pretty much the same news, packaged and delivered differently. Even their websites surface the same leading stories on the front pages. Then you have Channel 10 obsessed with Top 10 Most lists of weird people, things and whatnot lately, flooding Twitter and Facebook streams with them

      And most of the so called investigations are easy low hanging fruit that comes off more as something done just to fill air time. Then you have these stories about some awesome products that are nothing more than a PR company pitch the station spent 3hrs working on.

      And let’s not forget who runs WPLG. The same man who, while a general manager at WTVT, buried a story about the effects of Monsanto’s hormones in milk, and told his investigative journalists “We paid $3 billion for these television stations. We will decide what the news is. The news is what we tell you it is.”

  17. yeahhh, LIVE Miami at 11:00 AM is gone now. replaced by that crap and NBC Miami News Midday. (which I feel like watching, since it’s the only news at that time in South Florida on weekdays.)

  18. Roxanne can’t spell on top of everything else. Biran Williams? I think it’s Brian. But not new for Channel 6. Watch the scroll at the bottom of the screen. Every day at least one misspelling.

  19. I miss the girl crew in the early morning, as for Roxy I’m glad she’s on at 11:30. I enjoy channel 6, I don’t watch any other channel for news. Everyone has an opinion.

  20. During 6 in the mix last week I won tickets to an Oprah show and they said they would send the tickets to my email. I have not received them yet. Please let me know what’s happening.


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