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New WPLG Boss Set to Be Introduced to Staffers

WPLG Local 10 News

Writes one WPLG insider “…Barr is here and she wants to talk lol. We think she will introduce us to the new lieutenant she selected”

In case you didn’t know Emily Barr is Post-Newsweek’s boss, the lieutenant is the new WPLG GM and VP taking over for Dave Boylan who to some was sent into retirement because he allegedly protested too much about the changes Emily Barr was enacting at WPLG. Whoever it is, in all likelyhood he or she will share the same vision about WPLG as Barr.

A couple of WPLGers told me last month, there are more changes coming to WPLG, it’s not going to end with a new VP/GM.


  1. Maybe the new manager will bring Trent back to week day evening weather. Roland Stedam (sp?) is better then Betty also.

    • Totally agree with you. I think Betty does a good job. She’s personable, you can understand her and it appears she knows her stuff.

      Now on another note, I do believe and see with my own eyes that the morning show is where the issues are.

      1. Julie Dur-DUH looks like a porn star with her inappropriate , tight fitting, bust revealing, leg/thigh showing slits and just too short dresses and skirts. That’s the appearance….in reporting the weather, she is just a bunch of mumbling words that you can hardly understand….all I hear is blah-blah, blah-blah. She talks so fast even she says she gets tongue tied. And her demeanor is very awkward…she tries to be cute and funny …singing songs and trying too hard to fit in. Could she please stop using the word “gorgeous” to describe everyday. She really stinks.

      I also think since she has come on board there is a “who can dress the most inappropriately and/or sleezy” competition between Dur-duh, MJ Acosta and Constance Jones. Constances’ wardrobe looking like she came to work right after clubbing the night before. A few times she looked like she came in her husbands shirt that she slept in. Dresses with BLING have no business being worn in front of a news camera.

      I hope the new Manager will at least come up with some dress code and watch the reports themselves and take the appropriate action to become a professional, newsworthy station rather than low rent “eye candy”.

      • Jones has not been on the air since she used ghetto slang while anchoring the afternoon news two weeks ago. Either has the girl Crystal who use to be in the sports department when she used the same slang after the Heat championship game in the morning. I am sure more heads will role when the new management gets going. They can only get better. They should just let Jason do everything (news, sports, weather, traffic) in the morning and their ratings would improve BIG TIME.

  2. +3 Betty has done well so far. Evening shows are good.
    I actually like Laurie and Calvin.

    Maybe they might pair Betty and Roland up more often in the future. Who knows.

    I am not certain how to gauge the morning show though..

  3. Constance Jones was on a two week vacation to Germany with her mother. Check her facebook she has pictures and she will be back on Monday.

  4. Betty is horrible. Treats everyone at 10 horribly and doesn’t know her stuff at all. Just watch her. She is clueless. Roland and Trent are both huge steps above her on the air and meteorologically. Just a matter of time before Roland steps in as chief or they put Trent back. Notice how WPLG doesn’t call Betty the chief. They even know her limits. Julie, well she is bad we all know that. 10 keeps hiring younger and younger and now focusing on African Americans they just hired 3 more this week. Look for Jacey to have a new co-anchor on weekends soon. Why hasn’t WFOR picked up Trent or John G. who used to be at WPLG? Rumors are Laurie and Calvin are on the hot seat too as a new anchor team is being hired for a new 4pm show.

    • Jacey doesn’t need another weekend co-anchor again as she is fine working solo. Having two anchors for the weekend will only decrease further her screen time. Local 10 management please reconsider this bone head move.

      As far as weather is concerned, I switch the channel when Betty is on. Julie is excruciating to listen to but she is hot and that’s all that matters. Despite the imperfections I still prefer Local 10 over any of the other local stations especially CBS.


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