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Some Predictions About Changes at WPLG

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Ever since Post-Newsweek Emily Barr started rocking the boat at WPLG many inside and outside have wondered what else going to happen and how it would all end. My predictions about what could happen have sat as a draft post in my WordPress dashboard since then, and one of the things I thought would happen was that we would see Dave Boylan or news director Bill Pohovey leave before or after November sweeps. Well Boylan’s out already so I thought I might as well put the rest of it out there.

For one, I believe that if ratings at WPLG don’t improve longtime news director Bill Pohovey would be out too. I would take a guess and say that after November sweeps we might see an announcement that he’s leaving. Actually, now that Barr is installing a general manager I believe it’s even more plausible that Pohovey won’t last long, General Managers have the tendency to come in and clean house.

I also thought that we could see Peggy Phillip with a role in that new management structure. She is the Managing Editor at WPLG now, and was hired late last year as the morning executive producer. Several WPLGers gave me the¬†same “no way” response when I told them about this but I believe the chance for Peggy Phillip to get another promotion at WPLG is high. Why? Well, she has a news director experience for one, having run WMC-TV in Memphis for 8 years and keeping it a dominant station in the ratings for most of that time. Before coming to WPLG Phillip was the news director at KSHB in Kansas, which had good ratings according to published reports. What’s more, Peggy Phillip once worked at WSVN, albeit in the early 1990s, I can’t recall¬†what she did there but she undoubtedly learned some of that hustle WSVN is known for, and that other stations seem to want in their newsrooms, so she fits the ‘be more like 7’ idea and she’s got a bit of a reputation for being a tough, competitive bosslady.

And finally, we may see more on-air staffers leave. Like anchors getting shuffled or changed outright. Again, especially now that there is a new general manager coming in more changes are even more likely.

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    • I do like the combo as well.

      I agree with the admin….there will probably be a few more changes to mgmt and on air talent.

      From my understanding, ratings have improved on certain shows/time slots. This is all hearsay of course as I have not seen anything to validate this..

      Well…PLG has always been profitable; guess the focus now is to increase revenue and gain market share.

  1. What are you talking about as far as PLG’s rating.. I look at them everyday.. I’d like to have their numbers. Their numbers at 11 are always up from the lead in. 6-7am they are strong. At 6 they are a constant close number 2 behind SVN in English language TV.

    I don’t agree with the Trent and Pagett move but it has not hurt them in the ratings a bit.
    And PLG’s set couldn’t be worse.

    You want to talk horrid numbers? WFOR has serious issues.

    • Well…..Sandy just confirmed what I have been hearing about PLG ratings!

      There should be a separate thread about set’s….. lol
      Not a fan of NBC 6 nor the SVN sets…
      NBC is just plain boring. The newsroom thing at SVN…..meh.
      SVN reminds me of Bay News 9….not a fan.
      Just my opinion.

      Anyway….off to conquer the worlds problems once again.

      • We can all agree that we disagree. However, they should clean house, excluding Jason ,for their morning newscast. It is like a high school production of TMZ where each person tries to be entertaining rather than informative. They don’t call it the “Haitian Station” for nothing. Let’s hope the new management brings a rudder.

  2. WPLG and Emily Barr should be ashamed with what they did in the weather department. Julie and Betty instead of Scott and Trent…REALLY? Thank God we didn’t have a storm this year. Those two are a joke.


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