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Video: First WPLG Promo of Julie Durda

WPLG Local 10 News

Julie Durda, WPLG Local 10 Meteorologist in her first promoLet the hype begin, even though it’s already started. This, one of the first promos of Julie Durda airing on WPLG which the station also posted on their Facebook page. It has received 100+ comments as of this writing.


  1. I noticed that Beau Weaver is the voice of the promo. I’m thinking beau will be the new Local 10 vo soon. Maybe, Bill Ratner should try NBC 6 South Florida.

  2. I’m so excited I won’t be able to sleep all weekend. Maybe 10 should have a countdown bug in the corner of the screen to count down the minutes until Julie is on. How did we ever manage to survive the last few months without her in the morning?

        • Totally a ripoff of WSVN’s style… the graphics which allow for full body shots and the flashiness of it all.

          • Yeah, interesting how PLG just happened to introduce a new set for weather/traffic almost identical to WSVN’s just days before former WSVN weatherbabe Julie Durda starts at Local 10!

            The good thing is, you now get to see Constance and MJ (Acosta)’s nice legs 🙂

  3. i am officially switching to another channel. Can’t stand Betty Davis and don’t know Julie Durda. Love, love Trent and Scott!!

    • Actually, Julie got married (for the second time in like a year!) a few months before she left WSVN (her current hubby is some kind of ad exec (?) at WSVN).

  4. This Julie Durda is a perfect superficial addition to an already flawed and cheesy crew. My recommendation: Watch Cable news. Betty Davis appears to be the only credible and competent anchor they have but she’s not latin so who knows how long she will last.


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