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WFOR Investigative Reporter Al Sunshine to Retire


al-sunshine-web-headshotAl Sunshine, WFOR investigative reporter and really, one of South Florida’s most respected news people, is ready to retire. And he announced it first on Facebook.

Just last year in August, Al Sunshine celebrated 40 years in television having started his career in 1972 with WTVJ as a one man band journalist – shooting, writing and voicing his own stories. Several years later he would he would go into consumer reporting, with his ‘Shame on You!’ segment at WCIX, and go on to become one South Florida’s toughest consumer reporters.

If you have ever leased a car in Florida, you can probably thank Al Sunshine for those long, yellow papers full of detailed information about your car lease. After he investigated car leasing scams in 1994, Sunshine also testified before a Florida Senate group which helped enact consumer protections in the car leasing industry. The Florida School Safety Law of 1990, balcony railing safety regulations, the Florida Vehicle Protection Act are just some of the after effects of his reporting and investigations.

Nowadays I find very little in newscasts to be worth my time. I’ve been getting my news online since before the web was cool, but even for someone like me who Googles and Bings everything (hello 8,500 Bing search points), every time I have come across one of Al Sunshine’s reports, I always learned something new. And then reached for the smart phone or opened a new tab and searched to learn some more.

So. The question is, now who’s going to get worked up when people are wronged?

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  1. He made every thing he reported on interesting and seem so significant.
    What a class act and legend. You don’t stick around in this market for
    40 years if your boreing. Good luck Al.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Carmel has been at WSVN for 40 years this year.
        Please Don’t retire anytime soon Carmel !!!!!

        A Reporter for a station in Dallas has been at that Dallas station for 65 years beyond crazy I think that is longest I have ever heard of

        • Is it a female named Bobbie W.? I can’t remember her last name) She’s been at the station from which a few friends who work there since the station first started, in the late 40’s!

  2. It’s rare for peoole to be at one station for that long. Dave Ward at KTRK has been doing 6 and 10 pm news in Houston since the early 60’s. Really hard to find news people from the golden eras. Good Luck to Al. He really deserves this retirement. 🙂

  3. I appreciate very much the kind worlds from this usually rough crowd.
    Not leaving Miami and not done yet.
    I’ve worked with some incredibly talented people in SoFla…thru the years. This market remains one of the most competitive and innovative in the country…and I’ve enjoyed th ride for more than 4 Decades. Not many people can say they started in the Biz with a hand-wound 16MM 70-DR Bell & Howell and hot splicer!
    Looking forward to new challenges.

  4. Congrats to AL!

    I’ve been in SoFlo for over 40 years and Al is one of the few staples of stability, accuracy and ego-less people on air.

    Enjoy your time in the Sunshine, Al! You earned every moment of it!

  5. Al! Don’t leave now! I need you! Panda Kitchen istalled termite infested cabinets in my house and they are not responding, I have all the paperwork and receipts with checks made out to Panda.

    After working so hard your retirement is well deserved. You are our Robin Hood, Al! Thank you for your service to the community! Enjoy your well deserved retirement!


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