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POTD: So Excited, the Graphics Are Wrong

WPLG Local 10 News

Tired or overcome with excitement that the Miami Heat won a third championship, WPLG had a bit of a moment during their Miami Heat coverage on Thursday. The station briefly showed the wrong lower third graphics, stating ‘Game 7 Loss’ (probably meant Spurs?) and that the Spurs lead 3-2, even though the series was in a 3-3 tie before the Heat won.

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    • Thats what i think too, they prepare the supers (lowers are just the blank graphic behind the text, the supers) before the coverage and the newscasts. So sometimes this happens at any given moment, wrong super punched up. I’ve seen names swapped pretty often.

  1. It serves them right. Used to work there with some great people. Others, well, let’s just say there was some stuff behind the scenes that was highly unethical.


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