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For WPLG, Game 7 Ratings Were a Slam Dunk

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I often write about Miami viewers’ apathy toward sports on TV (or is it just some sports?) and how the West Palm Beach market, which is smaller, has more viewers tuning in and more of than than not ranks at or near the top in the ratings.

Not on Thursday for Game 7 of the Heat vs Spurs. WPLG aired the game locally, and according to its managing editor Peggy Phillip who tweeted the numbers, Channel 10 scored a “record-breaking” 44.2 household rating and a 63 share. The trophy celebration according to Phillip got a 46.9 household rating and a 75 share.

What this means in layman’s terms, is that 63% of Miami-Fort Lauderdale households who had their televisions on during the game were watching WPLG, that number increased to 75% for the trophy ceremony. The rating points I believe equal something around 730,000 households, out of 1.68 million total.

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  1. As expected, but they still suck. Those eyeballs are way off WPLG now until whenever something of this magnitude occurs again.

    • How true and here is the real kicker. The following morning on their newscast Jason, the anchor, asked their female sports reporter, still at the arena, if players were celebrating with champagne. She responded, now
      get this, “I don’t know but I know I AIN’T GOT NO CHAMPAGNE”. Ain’t got
      no chmpagne. Had to do a double take when I heard it. Looks like the viewers over there can expect more 8th grade getto slang when covering stories. One step forward then 2 steps back seems to be the motto.

  2. I believe most of us aint got (or “had” in this instance) no champagne. What’s the big deal?

    Seriously…I would have to see the clip before I pass judgement as I imagine she was trying to be funny.
    Was Jason egging her on??

  3. WSVN started special report from end of Game 7 as usual.

    But I think many people watched WPLG.
    Was WSVN special report poor rating?


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