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Olympic Ratings: Miami Watched but Palm Beach Ranks 2nd in US


NBC released the ratings data for the Olympics opening night ceremony and while they are busy clapping and congratulating themselves on viewership growth it seems most of South Florida’s viewers didn’t try very hard to tune in. At least not hard enough to put us in the TOP 20 metered TV markets. Granted we don’t have numbers for WTVJ, so we could be 21st but still.

Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV  on the other handhave something to celebrate, they tied with Washington DC NBC affiliate WRC for 2nd place nationwide. Both stations had 26.8 ratings points and 48 share in their respective markets. For those unfamiliar with TV ratings it means 48% of TV households in Palm Beach county who were watching TV tuned WPTV in to see the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night.

Boston’s WHDH (and sister station to WSVN) got 24.8/45 share, while our neighbors across alligator alley in Fort Myers tied with Austin, TX for 18th place with a 23.9/43 share rating.

For Saturday, the first full day of competitions, Fort Myers ranked 5th and no other South Florida stations made it into the top 20.

hit the jump to see what the numbers look like

1. San Diego 27.8/49
T2. Washington D.C. 26.8/48
T2. West Palm Beach 26.8/48 /WPTV/
4. Salt Lake City 26.6/50
5. Denver 26.4/51
6. Norfolk 26.3/42
7. Sacramento 25.4/47
T8. Kansas City 25.0/44
T8. Richmond 25.0/41
10. Columbus 24.9/43
T11. Boston 24.8/45 /WHDH/
T11. Indianapolis 24.8/45
13. Seattle 24.4/48
14. Los Angeles 24.2/44
15. Atlanta 24.1/39
T16. Philadelphia 24.0/40
T16. Jacksonville 24.0/40
T18. Austin 23.9/44
T18. Ft. Myers 23.9/44 /WBBH/
20. Portland 23.8/48

1. Salt Lake City 23.9/46
2. San Diego 22.8/43
3. Kansas City 22.4/42
4. Columbus 21.5/39
5. Ft. Myers 21.3/40 /WBBH/
6. Milwaukee 20.6/38
7. Denver 20.5/44
8. Indianapolis 20.4/39
9. Sacramento 20.2/41
10. Nashville 19.6/34
11. Oklahoma City 19.2/32
12. St. Louis 18.9/35
13. Richmond 18.7/33
14. Portland 18.5/41
T15. San Francisco 18.4/40
T15. Boston 18.4/36 /WHDH/
T17. Norfolk 18.3/30
T17. Albuquerque 18.3/34
T17. Jacksonville 18.3/31
20. Phoenix 18.1/32

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  1. NBC really is kicking everyone’s butt with the Olympics. They are the only network covering it all day long. No one else is even showing the events, except for NBC. The fact that they have all the viewers is due to the fact that they cover it better than anyone else. Channel 7 just talked about the winners but didn’t show any events. I love my NBC. They are the number one station in all of South Florida and you can see why with the Olympics. I also love Justin Finch from NBC6. he is a network quality reporter in London and he is doing such great stuff. Yea Justin!!!

    • NBC spent $4.4b for exclusive rights, obviously they’re going to have exclusive coverage of the Olympics

      The majority of this market doesn’t seem to care about the Olympics though, we ranked 56th out of 56 metered markets for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

      Keep that glass nearby

  2. “Both stations had 26.8 ratings points and 48 share in their respective markets. For those unfamiliar with TV ratings it means 48% of TV households in Palm Beach county tuned WPTV in to watch the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night.”

    Actually, it means 26.8% of ALL TV households in the Palm Beach DMA tuned in to WPTV for the opening ceremonies. The “rating” is based on all households, whether the TV is on or not. Meanwhile, the “share” means 48% of the households actually WATCHING TV tuned to WPTV for the opening ceremonies.

    • Murrow, Admin says Palm Beach County, but i think he meant Palm Beach DMA which is Boca Raton to Sebastian area…so 48% is right.

  3. Also NBC paid the most of any Network in the World for the Olympics through the rest of the decade. ABC and CBS both said pass and FOX didnt want to pay as much as NBC offered. This hasent been too profitable of a venture for NBC thus far tho.

    • If you don’t think it’s profitable then you are not aware of numbers and promotional value. The numbers are much higher than what were estimated.


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