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And That’s How Many in Miami Watched the Olympics


According to this story from the Sun Sentinel, 575,000 viewers in Miami-Fort Lauderdale watched the Olympics opening ceremony last Friday. That’s a little over a third of the 1,583,800 TV households in the market. The numbers dropped to 349k and 382k on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

In contrast, WPTV had 678,000 viewers on opening night out of 788,020 TV homes

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  1. The reason why Tampa and Miami are not metering high is because we have lives. I don’t know what WPB has to offer other than Donald Trump’s resort.

    • OR it’s mainly the old people. I bet Broward is responsible for much of the olympic audience. Dade and The Florida Keys probably do wane in interest to the Olympics. But West Palm Beach is known for always being a hub for sports broadcasts because so many athletes live in Palm Beach County ranging from Polo, Baseball, Swimmers, Divers, golfers, etc. That’s why the market typically does better than most larger cities.


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