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WPLG Adds Johanna Torres as Reporter

WPLG Local 10 News

WPLG reporter Johanna TorresJohanna Torres is joining WPLG as general assignment reporter. She’s coming from WGXA FOX24/ABC16 in Macon, Georgia where she anchored, reported and produced for the station’s newscasts. Torres is also a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts, Broadcast Journalism. Look for her on the air in November.

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  1. Since that is the 4th cheerleader they have hired we all now know what direction that station is headed. Another ditz in the fold. Explains why
    it is hard to watch their morning news show where pom poms rule over journalistic integrity.

  2. its a stretch to say all cheerleaders are but we do see a trend here at channel 10, it really has become a bit much over there

    saw an article about how aereo could spell the demise of local stations and the way things are going it might be for the best

  3. so let me understand the comments above, if you’ve been a cheerleader you are not capable of being a television news reporter? journalism degree, reporting and anchor experience in a small market, but because she once held pom poms she can’t be on TV? Obviously some fat, ugly women feeling a bit nervous about their jobs.

    • kyledecker—-

      the flip side of the cheerleader coin is that these “types” a la Julie Durda, Constance Jones, MJ Acosta are really not very good at what they do. They are there for eye candy and for getting those male oogler ratings. I don’t know why female ratings aren’t important to the stations. The males couldn’t give two sh**ts of what they are listening too but rather what they are looking at. And these girls are definitely giving them something to look at. The short inappropriate dresses, augmented breasts hanging out of the tops, sleazy body language. Half the time they look like leftovers from last nihts party. As a woman, I feel bad for them. And, as a business person, so far from jealous. Go on their FB pages and see the comments written..”you look hot today”, that black dress is so niceeee, I love waking up to you and seeing you in the morning., you make my day. In my opinion, it’s creepy….. They’re married, I’m surprised their husbands don’t say something. (Obviously they don’t since they stay the same) I’m sure you don’t see comments like that on Jaycee Birchs’ , Jenn, Christi or Laurie Jennings FB page. They’re all attractive women but when working, conduct themselves in the professional manner they should.

      So, I think a lot of people are just tired of seeing these types on the air and want to see and hear more news and less T and A.

  4. If you’re looking for news on tv, you’re looking in the wrong place. Try the NY Times or the Washington Post. I’d rather see a pretty girl reading from a teleprompter than Bob Woodward.

  5. Watched her ‘debut’ this week. The girl is HORRIBLE! It’s like listening to a nervous high school intern read for the first time. Not sure what ‘PLG is doing but they’re going downhill fast.


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