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The 11 Hunks of Local News According to the Broward NewTimes


Personally, I avoid the “hottest women” topic for a number of reasons but since it’s out there might as well join in.

The Miami New Times had its ten hottest female reporters last week. This week The Broward New Times did what’s only fair, and ranked their favorite local news hunks. Eleven of them actually. And since hunks are a favorite topic at SFLTV headquarters (Serge Henir anyone?) we’ll have to disagree with the placement of¬†Adam Kuperstein and Todd McDermott so far up (down?) the ranks. Personally, we’d think they both be somewhere near Sun Sentinel reporter Omar Kelly, who came in 2nd place.¬†

And where is Ben Kennedy?! Maybe we need a SFLTV News Hunks list. You can see the full list here

Who’s your top TV hunk?

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  1. What were they thinking?

    Louis Aguirre # 2? uh no. Brian Andrews at all? uh no.

    Jason Martinez belongs at the top!

  2. Louis Aguirre’s an ok person but a little long-in-the-tooth for this list.
    He’s definitely on the downhill side of his “good years” for a contest like this.
    Brian Andrews should have been rated higher.

  3. This list is lame – no Jawan Strader or Calvin Hughes? SMH I guess whoever put this list together doesn’t like dark boys! Light boys are lame!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jackie Nespral and Lissette Gonazles? Really? Jackie has about as much personality as a dead fish, and Lissette is about as looney as looney tunes.

    But, to each his/her own. The viewers who count, know who is best!


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