You’ll be seeing a new face on Local 10 soon. Jennifer Correa will be joining the Local 10 weather team. She comes straight out of AccuWeather where she worked until a couple of weeks ago. Correa is a South Florida native and graduated from Florida State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science, Meteorology. AccuWeather is her first broadcast meteorology job, she joined the network in 2012.

She also likes bodybuilding, and placed third at the 2011 NPC Miami Classic 

Look for Jennifer Correa to make her on-air début on Local 10 during this week! You can also follow her on twitter @JenniferLocal10


    1. Maybe they will finally replace that horrible, awkward, annoying Betty Davis. She needs to go now.
      I have stopped watching the great newscast because of her.
      Can’t believe others don’t see how bad she is.

            • Since the original topic was about Jennifer Correa… I still think she is terrible. Fortunately I don’t watch too much on weekends but I see her on Fridays still stumbling and just not having a fluid informative presentation.

              Yeah…so maybe Craig doesn’t sound that great but at least he seems to know the weather. Jennifer is too rookie-ish.

              And, as the majority of females on 10 (WPLG)…needs, is a stylist or lessons in appropriate on-air attire..Julie, Constance, Jennifer and even Jacey..when she stands up…I see some of the morning lycra crowd rubbing off. Maybe that’s why it’s more noticeable with the ones that stand and do their reports and can’t bend down to reach the Fl Keys.

    2. I am watching this girl right now on the air and she is terrible. Can’t beleive they would let Roland go or not use Trent. What the hell is going on with the management there. Sick.

      • I just saw a video of her on Local 10s site, and she is pretty bad :( It was dated August 22nd, maybe that was her first day and she was nervous? I hope so.

        In looking of some caps of her from her AccuWeather days, I noticed that some of the graphics were en español. Maybe she had been working in Spanish and is having to make the transition to English, who knows.

    3. she isnt real polished but giver her 3 months for improvement; take it easy folks and let her get acclimated to her new gig

    4. Darlin Jennifer, you’re not a teen anymore. Your thigh high skirt makes you look cheap and you’re in no shape to wear them. Even if you were – they’re not appropriate. You might as well be wearing cheerleader shorts if you want your kitchen sink falling out.

      WPLG, what are you thinking?

      • Ditto. There are no behavior, dress, or speech standards at 10. Constance Jones clothes are so tight and cheap looking if she farted she would blow the zipper out. Eric, their morning anchor, dresses like an 8th grade gym teacher. They just announced the new permanent weekend weather anchor for ABC in the Big Apple and I am sure Julie is disappointed not to get it. It was her ticket away from that disfunctional morning news show.

    5. This new girl is awesome! Good riddance Betty Davis. Now all they need to do is replace that goofy Todd Tongen and get some producers that lack the serious leftwinger bias and WPLG may regain a bit of their old glory.

      • I definitely agree that they have gone so far left it is disturbing that a news department would be so obviously biased in hiring. Seems if you are a woman or minority you can get a job no matter how incompetent you are.
        Torres, Acosta, and Yutzy would all be laughed out of Hickory, North Carolina.

    6. Where is roland? Replaced him with that bimbo! Need to rethjnk your thinking. Quit looking at boobs and look at talent and experience! !

    7. Hey…haven’t seen Jennifer on in awhile…not that I miss her reports because like everyone else, thought she wasn’t good at all and didn’t see any improvement.

      Is she still there….does anyone know? I didn’t see her last weekend nor on the afternoon weather starting today…

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