WPTV parent company Scripps is carving out syndicated programming out of  another time slot. This time they’re going with what’s billed as a not a newscast but a “fast-moving locally produced news program that covers news trending on social media and invites the audience to join the conversation”.

The new show named The Now South Florida starts airing today at 4pm, featuring news stories from home and abroad, including weather. Viewers will “will engage, share and interact constantly throughout the hour-long program”. The Now will be produced locally at WPTV but in coordination with a national desk at KMGH in Denver to capture what’s trending across social media sites at that moment.

WPTV anchor Shannon Cake will host The Now, digital reporter Rachel Leitao will also be part of the program along with Katie Johnson who has returned to WPTV as a reporter.

The Now is part of larger effort by Scripps to produce more in-house content and rely less on syndicated programming. Their first in-house shows are The List and Let’s Ask America which replaced Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and other shows Scripps syndicated via its TV stations.

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  1. Caught “The Now” today and it was just as terrible as I expected. Nothing against Shannon Cake as she has more talent than anyone else in the WPB market but the format stinks. What’s with the moving around from newsroom to studio and back to newsroom and then studio? There comes a point when it’s ridiculous and not just “fast-paced”.

  2. Julia Yarbough left to start her own business and to find a hanubsd (no joke it’s true! Search her, you will find her blogs and story). Kevin Corke was fired he did not chose to leave at all. I agree about Kelly Craig, she would add a lot of color and life! But I don’t agree about Adam. I think he is intelligent and has a great energy. I think he’d do well in any time slot.

  3. I watched “The Now” for the 1st time and I was some what pleased with the news and their coverage of local and world news.
    I was interested in the news about Puerto Rico and the amount of customers who are still without electricity. It is so sad that 6 months after the storm this is still not resolved. This is an FYI – but I have talked to several retired couples who have been approached by lenders who are using the FEMA name to get them to commit to a long term loan using their property as collateral. I have heard that some of these retirees did it just to get their home repaired. Now they can not meet their monthly budget. What are your thoughts?


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