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Ratings: Spanish Stations Dominate

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The Sun Sentinel’s Johnny Diaz has the usual Nielsen ratings recap for the most watched shows in South Florida, but this time there’s something many of you ask often about – newscast ratings.

The numbers are for total viewers and for just one week, but they offer a glimpse at what the current trend is like. No surprise that Spanish stations are on top, with WSCV in particular performing very strong compared to its closest English language competitor. At 6pm and 11pm Telemundo 51 had twice the viewers of WPLG.

Channel 10 which doesn’t seem to do so well when it comes to the money demo, ends up number one at 6 and 11pm among English language stations. Seeing WTVJ place last 6pm was a surprise but they do well where it counts.

All in all it looks like station managers have their work cut out for them. We have a very fractured TV market, and the viewer pool (at least on the English-language side) seems to be shrinking compared to years past.  If my calculations are correct roughly 409,000 households or 24% watch news at 6pm and 11pm.

You can check this post to see how the English stations rank in the 25-54 money demo.

6 p.m.
WSCV-Telemundo 114,000 total viewers
WLTV-Univision 96,000
WPLG-ABC 59,000
WSVN-FOX 55,000
WFOR-CBS 45,000
WTVJ-NBC 40,000

10 p.m.
WSVN 73,000

11 p.m.
WSCV-Telemundo 119,000
WLTV-Univision 94,000
WPLG-ABC 59,000
WTVJ-NBC 56,000
WFOR-CBS 47,000
WSVN-FOX 47,000

Check out more ratings at Sun Sentinel’s website ‘Game of Thrones,’ Heat and ‘The Voice’ fire up S. Florida TV ratings


  1. Have to thank the admin here for posting ALL of the numbers.

    It certainly shows how small a piece of the ad money pie English language stations are getting and fighting over. And who REALLY gets the most eyes on their newscasts.

    Interesting too seeing WSVN numbers when they go straight up agains the other English language stations.
    WPLG has reason to be proud of holding on, and leading, with what they get. But it’s an eye-opener seeing how far ahead WSCV is in front of EVERYONE!

    I also noticed there were a couple of Spanish language stations still not listed. Maybe an oversight. Maybe their numbers are just to small to even be considered. Reason I mention this is so some won’t rush forward claiming there are only two Spanish language stations doing news in the market when the truth is there are more.

  2. There may be another piece of competition for the stations in the “money demo” at those times: The online world. Do the numbers take into account viewers watching the newscasts at the web sites?

    • no they don’t, at least not if you’re on say WSVN.com or CBSMiami.com. They might measure tablet and smartphone viewing on something like the WSVN Live app, but I doubt they’re doing it right now


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