We have it on good ear that WFLX have sold their offices on Blue Heron boulevard and will move out of them and into WPTV’s building at the end of May. Also, out of the 40 or so staff members 30 have been laid off, leaving about a dozen in┬ámanagement and ad sales to support the operation.

There is also talk that WFLX owner Raycom may be interested in selling the station, something many suggested was the next step after WPTV announced WFLX will be moving into their building while also producing that station’s newscasts. For now all this makes WPTV owner Scripps appear as the most likely to gobble up WFLX given how the Fox affiliate has all but a broadcast tower left to their name. Any other buyer from outside would have to spend considerable amount of money for new studio operations, assuming of course they would be interested in developing a full fledged news operation.