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Florida TV Market Looses Viewers


Florida TV Market Looses ViewersLately, we’ve all been hearing about losses. People lost jobs due to job cuts, stock market seems to play a game of who is going to slide the farthest, empting the pockets of many investors. And according to a rescent article, published by The Miami Herald, turns out that the South Florida television market (DMA #16) was not spared from losing something either. Fierce competitiveness, and closer than ever ratings results, were talked about a lot, but even with them, ratings have declined by as much as 8%, compared to the same period last year. The only two local stations that had a ratings increase were WSVN 7, a FOX affiliate, which had ratings go up 2%, and the Spanish WSCV 51 Telemundo. Apparently, now that the Elian saga has ended, the Mayor of Miami doesn’t make headlines, and O. J. hasn’t called “The News Station” to insist it’s not his fault, viewers are just not tuning in. Instead they go somewhere else to find news, maybe Internet or the cable news channels, which by the way have had quite a success, with FOX News leading the dance, and CNN trailing back. Or so I’ve heard

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