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CBS4 Morning Newscast Promo


CBS4’s new “CBS4 This Morning” promo

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  1. This is really nice, especially that whole sequence about traffic. But question: Susan Barnett is a knockout, but doesn’t look her best here. What changed?

  2. Nice promo. Really nice. By the way, Admin, can you tell me what happened to Angela Rea? I like the little cute guy they have on now though. Glad they realised the needed a guy on that program. But 7 has three gals and one guy so i would only have been a matter of time before they copied it. It’s a nice team though. Kinda remind me of that nice fix when 7 had Delaine, Jackie, Tom and the current Christine. Best morning team ever! By the way, is it me or did Diana Diaz breasts get bigger?

  3. You can catch Angela Rae every morning on UPN33 News This Morning. You’ll hear her referred to as “The Queen of Cool,” and Ty Kennedy who does traffic is referred to as “Ty the Traffic Guy.” It’s a fun show, check it out. Also, Art Barron who used to anchor in the mornings with Angela, reports nightside for CBS4.

  4. Angela Rae also fills in occasionally for Danielle Knox or Susan Barnett on the CBS 4 AM news, as she did on Memorial Day for Susan

  5. I think she’s good. I dont like her role though. Nothing with substance, just a floater.
    On anorher note, I wonder why does Beatice Canals fill in for Maggie Rodriquez instead of Joy Purdy. Isnt Joy next inline to Maggie. Just a thought.

  6. Bottom line is Beatriz is a better anchor than Joy..Joy is good in the afternoon. For some reason she has always seemed out of place nightside.Rumor has it Joy will eventually move to Jax to be with her hot, white copper boyfriend..

  7. White Copper? What?

    And also, sometimes I have a hard time understanding Beatriz. Sometimes it sounds like she has gum in her mouth while she’s talking or something.

  8. I think it has something to do with her tongue or saliva flow. Not to take anything from her though, she’s good. I think CBS4Gal is the one who is now starting that rumor. Why do poeple type the firts piece of shit they think? And i wouldnt flat out sat Beatrice is better.

  9. The other night I was on Lincoln Road and looked over and saw Ty Kennedy from CBS 4. I walked over and said hello and he actually had a conversation with me. He was extremely nice and seemed sincere. It’s always nice to meet the people you wake up with in the morning and they actually seem interested in meeting you.

  10. I really have to hand it to Brian Andrews.
    He really is top notch at what he does. I like the way he tells it the way it is…with emotion.
    He connected directly with every viewer when he explained how dangerous it is in New Orleans with the rising floodwaters.
    He mentioned how he and others are out of food, and the total devastation.
    His phoner took the viewer to New Orleans and made us feel as if we were there with him.
    Great Job Brian. You are tops!


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