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CBS4 Post Sweeps Promo


CBS4’s post May 2005 sweeps promo

640×480 size
HDTV source
30 seconds long
Quicktime MOV format
Click here to download video

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  1. What the fuck’s wrong w/ CBS 4? can’t they be a little more original when selecting a promo music?…i mean, they used CNN’s Live From…music theme for about 7secs. after the voiceover says: “They bring you all out news coverage Every Day” stuff, it even sounded kinda creepy when i watched and heard it on my surround sound system, and i love to hear the Live From…theme, How dare you CBS 4 to touch that dramatic tune and edit it w/ that fucking promo? how dare you? sorry guys but i have to
    disagree w/ some of you but the only thing they did good; was when editing the images, the look and writing.

  2. Sorry, that’s why CNN should NOT use production music. Their music is available to ANY station who buys a production music bundle from that company. Unlike newsmusic, it’s buyout music, and is rarely exclusive. We used that same music on a project I did in college.

  3. All you damn anonymous people, too laxy to create a name? I agree with Anonymous#3. CBS4 is not original and the morning promo is much nicer. Will Bob the weather guy leave already. I have been hearing about his departure too long now. Every one is now going all sensational like what 7 has been accused of over the years. Even channel 10 which i thought was a bit conservative. But now even they are trying subtlely to be apart of it. 4 is complete trying to be up there with 7. Is WTVJ channel 6 still on the air? I wish some one would get things ignited over there. Damn!!!!!! I have turned to that channel in ages to watch their new. Boring!!!!

  4. I would have argued that point to death a year and a half ago, but after watching the other night, I’m gonna have to agree. CBS4 has us beat.


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