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Anonymous emailer says there’s a new reporter on 7 by the name of Vanessa Ruiz. I didn’t see her reporting but the tipster said “looks like she just graduated college”. If I don’t forget I’ll DVR the 10pm newscast and post a video or screen cap

update: I think that’s her but I may be wrong, no idea what it says on the page but I saw something about Miami – bio link to Telemundo

update 11/25 6:16pm – watching her now on 7 live shot from Bayfront – she’s cool. I thought she’d be stiff and monotonous but she was quite the opposite. I think they should keep her if she’s not signed yet

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  1. She seemed a little sketchy on air, but it WAS her first time on 7. I’m sure she’ll fit in nicely. She’s very pretty too…

  2. she’s a freelance reporter…not on the 7 staff.

    not sure why she was hired, but probably b/c of several pregnant or otherwise sick reporters.

  3. Two days ago, she was greeted by the Noon Telecast for joining WSVN. At any rate, she did a live shot on the hazards of operating a Turkey Frier. Yes, I agree that the first person commenting on the thread mentioned that she seemed stiff during the live shot. She stumble a couple of times while doing a play by play on a live demonstration by the fire fighters. Once the camera was trained on her again, she seemed to lose her way, but quickly recovered. My first impression that she was fresh from college, but the link to her Bio from Telemundo seems to differ. I think will do fine as time goes by, I can see 7 dumping her since she’s good looking.

  4. Who was the horrible new reporter on ch6 today at 5?. Is she a ch51 reporter? Her accent was really bad…. really, really, really bad.

  5. this girl sucks. she seems like she just graduated college, and on her first live shot almost forget to say “7” news.


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