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Video: WPLG’s latest promo


I just noticed this promo about a week or so ago.
It features Dwight Lauderdale and Michael Putney. Lauderdale mostly talks about Laurie Jennings, while Putney puts emphasys on the journalistic values of the news team.

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  1. I like the one when Laurie Jennings exits the train from downtown station, for me its one of the best PLG’s promo.

  2. Anon,

    Your comment made me chuckle, HOWEVER, people do take the train, even news people on rare occassion, and plus its LAURIE JENNINGS, we shall always leave the HOTT!!! men and women of the news alone, including Charles Billi 😉

  3. Very nice promo.. the funny thing is it looks stunningly similar to a new image promo 7 News Boston is running currently. I’ll try and get some video to your faithful webmaster here to post.

  4. There’s a promo with Laurie walking off the Tri-rail I presume in downtown Miami and getting on the escalators, people walking up to her to say hello and such.

    I’ll see if I can find it and post it

    Rob, please do find and video man 🙂

  5. What the hell is Putney doing the the promo? I like the promo but I dont see why Lauderdale was proming someone else and why not have Laurie in the promo. It’s decent

  6. I like the video..even though am not a PLG fan…SVN since 1987..However…I think they are taking a Cheap shot at SVN with that Sensationalism piece…I guess they had to fit one in…

    jason in Tampa, FL


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