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Video: WPLG Laurie Jennings promo


Here’s a video, I think it’s still airing, of Laurie Jennings riding the tri-rail and mingling with people. It’s nice and rather low key. There is at least one other version of this promo as well.

Download Video

Here’s another version – download video – 5.3MB MPEG-1

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  1. Nice…im sure you guys are going to attack the idea of her riding the tri rail but who cares, your missing the point of the promo. its good mix of everything, good bye ‘svn, ‘tvj,’wfor & hello ‘plg…there workin there way up to 1

  2. Who cares about the Tri-rail?

    Channel 10 has had stbility in its news department for many years. They have kept, basically, the same people. Of course, some changes have happened here and there. Other stations seem to lose people more often than The Miami Herald has an early delivery.

    I did not care for the older style of Ann Bishop, for example. But, one cannot argue that Ann Bishop was a class act. WPLG kept her until the end. That is PLG. – stability.

    Maybe 10 is finally trying some more current methods of thinking and producing.

    No, I don’t work for PLG and am not trying to plug the station. They do ok on their own. Just stating an opinion.

  3. For the 1st and last time, its not Tri-Rail she’s getting off from its Metro rail, Tri-Rail its that big ass double decker train running between Dade-Broward and Palm Beach counties, but who cares! anyway thanks for posting my fav. promos from PLG, too bad TVJ didn’t do something like it when they used to have their studios basically in front of the Government Center Station (Downtown Miami) PLG its getting a lot better day by day. me thinks!

  4. Hey, lay off Laurie you freaks. She is stellar on all fronts. Can’t say the same about the cling-on butt-face Lauderdale but do lay off sweet lil Laurie.

  5. does anyone remember when 10 scared half of miami with news of a sniper on the loose downtown? it was reported here.

    i bet they forgot about the “commitment to getting it right” and the “not sensationalism” lines.. instead it was “ahhh.. sniper on the loose.. run for your lives!!”

  6. i don’t remember that, but i do remember when eliot rodrigues on four reported that a passenger plane crashed on fifth street on south beach.. even though there was no smoke


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