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Disco news? That’s so yesterday, rock’n roll news is in. At least they changed those hideous graphics from before that looked like MS Powerpoint.

Just going thru my DVR recordings from last nite and thought I’d share

Title: 7News promo – You Know When it’s Seven News
Time: 0:30
Resolution: 640×360
Size: 7.69MB
Format: MPEG-1

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  1. anyone else agree that’s one of the best promos in a long time…its not bombastic or sensationalistic…but cool…hip & happening…just what SVN wants.

  2. OMG…. you guys should see the promo that they have. I wish I could get it but I couldnt. All of a sudden they start singing “Sombody told me you gotta watch seven” singing the song “somebody told me you have a boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend” it is sooooooo funny.


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