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Title: 7News February Sweeps Promo
Time: 0:30
Resolution: 640×360
Size: 7.7MB
Format: MPEG-1

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  1. that’s because the previous promos were done by Troy who’s not working for 7anymore and he was a great. Current promos are probably done by a Producer most likely. That or someone at 7 wanted them the way they are. Remember, 7 is in some transition period with things beign toned down

  2. I see 7 is really trying to get to the young audience but maybe a tad bit too much. Belkys need to behave like she an anchor. Gosh they need back Laurie Jennings. The did poorly last sweep but i hope they will bounce back. I dont think thats possible with Belkys Nerey though, I think to myself all the time, Why the hell did they let Beatrice Canals go? She or Lyn Martinez would be able to do a better job.

  3. Belkeys needs to go back to Deco. I really wish Laurie was back, but Lynn would have been a great co-anchor, at this point, I think that even Tiffani Tucker would do a better job, she did very good on the weekends when she was anchoring with Sharon

  4. Lynn I thought would get the job when it became available, but she either didn’t get it or declined it. She has two little ones that need their mom and her having the main chair would mean starting work at 2-3pm and going home past 11pm leaving her with only mornings and weekends to see them.

    I also think the time of convetional news anchor is over. Of course there’s nothing convetional about WSVN to begin with but having Craig balances things out as he’s the more serious one. Actually he’s too serious too often if you ask me :). And I’ve noticed even other local stations are playing the quirky, funny, talkative anchor thing nowadays.

    And also judging by the fact WSVN’s ratings haven’t exactly plummeted since Belky’s debut indicates it works for them.

    Of course it’s South Florida here, the more you stand out of the sheep herd the more you get noticed the better

  5. in all honesty they could have krusty the clown in place of belkeys and i would still watch, 7news is the best (and sometimes belkeys looks like krusty) 🙂

  6. I can believe i missed Tiffany filling in over the weekend, I’ve always wondered how she wouyld do. I saw that Robin girl who left do it once with Charles Billi and she was great. I agree that Belkys cannot do hard news, not credible at all. Just this evening i was watching Tom Hayne and Lyn Martinez and I thought what the hell are they doing withs Belkys at 5pm. Martinez is there same hours as the main anchors so ther is no difference in hours. That Christine Cruz is holding it down in the mornings. Richard Lemus i s also an upcoming star. And like I said before WSVN did poor in November 2004 sweeps, not consistent with their former performance. Bring back Laurie and Beatrice please.

  7. tiffani did not fill in this weekend. it was billi/melton on saturday and stevens/nerey on sunday (superbowl)

  8. I think Belkys is awesome. I like the whole news team, but instead of just staunch, serious anchors all the time, she makes it a little fun to watch.

  9. i agree it is fun to watch cause you never know what she is going to say, but how about 3 main anchors, craig, lynn, and belkeys. ABC7-WLS in chicago has 3 anchors at 10 and it works great.

  10. Its all comes down to credibillity people, you dont want some one reporting on two men fatally shot to death then the anchor comes on like an anouncer, “sports is next, hahahaha, it doesnt comes together when that way. Did you guys see the coverage of the 2004 general election? As you know most of it is ad lib, she struggled so badly to say the right things and most times she didnt. Simply reading the teleprompter does not make you great. She is a nice person, fun to watch but sometimes i’m like, I’m I watching Deco Drive or 7 News? Like I said get me back Laurie Jennings or Beatrice Canals, please. Jennings was not properly replace.

  11. But see, that silly, quirky additude is one of the main reasons I watch WSVN. If I wanted seriousness I’d watch CNN. And you’re right, it does appeal to a younger audience, which is not necessarily a bad thing. At least it gets people watching the news, right?

  12. not nessecarily. it works for some stations and in some markets and not for others. Apparently it does for them if they haven’t canned her. And WSVN isn’t one that’s afraid to make changes, you only have to have to look at what they did at WHDH up in Boston, think they’ve re-shuffled the morning newteam 3 times in the last couple years

  13. the majore probelm is her pronounciation of certain words, i think she may have had some plastic surgery, but come on, she REALLY needs to do something with that hair.

  14. Thank you Mike, presence is also another very important aspect of it. Those little blouse she wear, i say come on too. By the way, dont oyu’ll think Laurie is kicking ass at WPLG, she good. Best in Miami. I watch her from time to time but 7 is my real love. Laura, i not saying they should be serious all the time but ther is a time and place for it. Remember when they were covering the Marlins World Series win? Home girl brought her marlins flag had it on the set wavig and carrying on. Lots of energy less but it was out of place. Listen I am studying to be a journalist, I like her style but its often not appropriate for the evening news cast. I think we should all correspond through hotmail or yahoo messenger, and daily critique the news, we would have some great discussions. I thank the webmaster for this site. Good job. I can find anybody who is as interested in these thing as much as i am, ecpect for here. DRE

  15. dre, i feel the same way, unfortuantely i no longer live in miami- in chicago now, but i still watch 7news live online when i can. I get to see a 10 clip with laurie occassionally and watched her when she was on MSNBC, belkeys was great with the marlins stuff, and i love the energy, but at times she goes overboard. Laurie was great with the news, BPB new times once put the following, Was that a wink? Is she flirting with me? Man, she seems happy tonight. Maybe she’s tipsy. No, I think she’s just flirting with me. Viewers of WSVN’s nightly newscasts can be excused for wondering if Laurie Jennings is communicating directly with them via the tube. When she began at Channel 7 in February 1998, she was a mechanically rigid human automaton improbably paired with blowhard Rick Sanchez. After the voluble Sanchez split for MSNBC, Jennings began a subtle but noticeable transformation, from straightlaced news reader to emotive broadcaster with personality. Those saucy little winks. The lead-in comments spiced with attitude. A relaxed posture that hinted at seduction. The change has been a bit unsettling, but ultimately it’s just what we want and expect in our love-hate relationship with Seven News, the big show.

    miaminewtimes.com | originally published: May 16, 2002

  16. So I guess we all agree to disagree? 😉 Yes, there is a time and a place, but I think the whole team is the perfect mix of serious and sometimes-not-so-serious.

    Anyway, I agree with outside discussions, but I certainly will NOT step on the webmaster’s toes. It’s great to have a place to feed the news-whores like us, and I don’t want to screw that up! 😉 If the webmaster wants, I have a message board that I’d be happy to start a forum in so as not to clutter this site up…

  17. Laura hon don’t worry about my toes, they’re on the desk, away from any possible interferance.

    so feel free to post and talk, that’s why I have the comments enabled :). Just keep in mind some of the TV people you talk about read this site 😛

  18. Did Laurie Jennings completely replace Kristie Kruger the channel 10 main woman anchor? I not Laurie did not get up off that chair at all while Matt Morch and Dwight Lauderdale alternated. And Kristie was present.

  19. She has replaced Kristy on the 6 and 11pm newscasts, Kristy stays on at 5pm and does medical reports only. She requested the change to be with her kids more often

  20. Kristy was signed last year to another 5 year contract with 10, they might be trying something new, removing Kristy off the news and letting her do only health and be a fill-in anchor, she didn’t make it to the station in time for the 5pm due to something. Don’t read too much into it unless it becomes a pattern

  21. I think I am, plus we share the same interest, somewhat. I have read your rant over Johnathon Novak which gave me an idea. So, back to the previously submitted comment.

  22. this is getting real interesting, and what, 30 comments on 1 post, this is great… I had never heard the term news-whores before and i chuckle at that.

  23. Belkys Nerey does not deserve to be a lead anchor. She doesn’t even dress like and anchor. Lynn and Tom look better behind the anchor desk than Craig and Belkys. I hope that WSVN makes a change soon! They need to bring Beatriz and Laurie back!

  24. Belkys seems like a great news anchor, I actually use to watch Channel 10 news, but the news anchors are missing some substance. I think Belkys has it.

  25. I think that Belkys Nerey knows how to do her job. Better then lynn or any of them. She brings life to the News and also she’s good looking. The other look and act like they are robots. If you had been looking at the news now. you will see lynn and some other act too stiff some time. Belkys just act more freely. I think they did a good job with Belkys Nerey.

  26. What’s all the fuzz about Belkis Nerey not being credible? Who EVER said that a news anchor has to be credible? When those guys/gals are sitting behind that desk they’re just reading what’s already been worked on….get it…THEY’RE JUST READING! How much credibility does anyone need to READ?

    As a matter of personal preference, Belkis has a very attractive personality. She makes the news digestible; actually it’s a shame that she hasn’t been stolen by a network to do a morning show. She would be awesome in the European market. It is such a shame that she’s stuck in the southern most swamp.

    So, as a reality check: when it comes to credibility you really need to worry about the people behind the scenes; the ones who REALLY work the stories NOT the ones reading the teleP.

  27. I think we all need to realize that the these people are there to report the days enevts both locally and nationally and how we percieve that delivery is simply a matter of opinion. I for one think that Belkys is fantastically refreshing from the stiff-androids that report for other stations. True she quirky and silly at times, but think about this… Here we are creating publicity and buzz over a news station and their lead anchor?

  28. Belkis Nerey and Lynn Martinez from WSVN are useless… WSVN… please run them off.

    I am tired of hearing opinionated commentary from the two of them… The public does not care what your opinions are “Belkis and Lynn”… just do your job and “REPORT THE NEWS”… and get rid of that clown Louis Aguirre… the guy is a joke!!!!!


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