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WTVJ gets rocky


Get this, starting on Monday WTVJ’s 5pm newscast will be anchored by Jackie Nespral and Julia Yarbough with Tony Segreto being moved to 6 and 11pm. Also the rumor is that John Gerrard is the fron runner to replace Roland Steadham

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  1. Great, I love Julia Yarbough. For some reason niether Jackie Nespral nor Tony Segreto appeals to me. Jackie is always screaming and I wont go there with Tonny. Love Julia, one of South Florida’s best.

  2. and why is no one mentioning lonnie quinn for the weather replacement. he is certainly easy on the eyes–and seems quite compotent. personally–wtvj has gone downhill slowly the last few years–tony should go back to sports and they should bring in some new blood.

  3. I am just learning that Tony was a sports person. They have no really stronge mail anchor at WTVJ, Jose tries but some one else is needed. WTVJ need some work.

  4. John Gerrard would be an exc. replacement for Roland he did a great job on WPLG Daybreak ! by the way what happend to the other anchor on TVJ uh the fighter pilot guy ?????

  5. Am I the only one that thinks John Gerrard sucked big time on WPLG? Missed the cut-ins quite regularly. I’m not likely to start watching WTVJ anyway, so I guess I shouldn’t care….
    I say bring back Brent Cameron, formerly of WSVN.

  6. I’ll admit John Gerarrd was a little goofy on WPLG but he has calmed down a bit but….. you would miss a cut-in too if u woke up at 3am…….shit happens but he hasen’t been messing up at all at TVJ so we’ll see i guess….he at least deserves a shot he has the experince to do it !

  7. WTVJ is a sinking ship…first they cut Jennifer Valoppi not to mention other talented staff..as for Roland Steadham, no big loss there..John Gerard sucked on PLG, If I were John Guaraldi I would move on if they dont promote him..A real casting coup would be to get Bryan Norcross back from WFOR..Thats General manager of PLG is a moron, Ardith Diercks..she has really managed to run TVJ into the ground!

  8. I would watch Jennifer Valoppi when she was on reporting the news. They brought Jennifer brought California with alot to offer South Florida and to fade her out. She started Women of Tomorrow and what happens to that now that she is no longer with WTVJ. Does Patrica Andreau take it over. Jennifer is missed I hope she will show up on a different station however I don’t see a need for a head anchor position available. Whatever market gets her they have a gem. Switching gears I don’t care for Michelle Kosinski, Patricia Andreau. Michelle seems to be the only reporter they have. Jackie Nespral & Tony together no. I like Roland, and I like John Gerard. WPLG made a mistake getting rid of John Gerard. WTVJ did something right. I am now watching Channel 10 evening news. Laurie Jennings and Dwight Lauderdale make a good pair. I never thought I would watch Dwight Lauderdale. I guess Laurie Jennings makes the show.

    Finally, I think it is so funny how they need so many hours of news during the week. On weekends liitle time as possible to say the news. Channel 6 maybe 11:00pm news can be complete in less than 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter who delivers the news on the weekends. I wonder why??????

  9. It sucks that we’ll see less of Jackie Nespral. I love her and we should all be so proud of a homegrown talent.

  10. I don’t care for Julia Yarbough. She always has a smirk on her face, even when delivering sad or solemn news. I guess she doesn’t read the material before air, and then starts every story with a smirk.


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