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I was rewinding my DVR tonight and came accross this

Title: Deco Drive Feb 9th close
Time: 0:24
Size: 6.11MB
Format: MPEG-1

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  1. and what is lous’ deal–which side of the plate is he playing–I am a bit confused. and how come he left NYC and LA to come back here?

  2. well, it was nice to know about the red lace boxers, definately a comment of a boy who likes boys. I loved lynn’s comment about still having to do the news, another point that she should be a lead anchor. She knows that she has to do the news and have a good appearance… btw, did she get implants last year? I heard that somewhere.

  3. I share the same view about him Mike. Also, I liked Charles Perez very much. That Adam WIlliams is also on my list, so cute.

  4. I believe there was an item in this blog about lynn’s overnight change in “cup-size”. and from what i have heard from many-channel 7pays very poorly–so I doubt she is too upset about not getting lead anchor. why have all the hassles-she has 2 young kids. and more importantly–so what is the real deal with LOUIS–someone out there must have had relations with him–a guy or a girl though!~

  5. Dre, we can defiantely agree on that one. Adam is at the top of MY list 😉

    Although I’ve never watched Deco (shame, I know), I love Louis and Lynn…

  6. I heard something different about how much they get paid at WSVN, I heard people like Brian Andrews when he was there, he was making about 120g’s dont know how true it is but thats a lot of money. There must be a reason some man of their best leave though. I thought Charles Billi wasnt going to renew his contract. Last years i got tired of counting people who were leaving. Miss that Delaine Matheiu. Does anybody know what became of her?

  7. Delaine said on air that she is taking time off. I think she wants to stay home and be a mother for awhile. Can you blame her?

  8. delaine was great, i wish her good luck. Louis is straight i think, definately a flamboyant straight man… as far as pay, i have read in many articles and blogs that WSVN is a top paying station in the nation, WSVN pays more than WHDH in boston.

    btw– what happened to the other list we had about belkeys, can there not be more than 30 comments per item>

  9. I miss Delaine too… And gay or straight, Louis is awesome… 😀

    I don’t think there’s a post limit… (?) It’s just that no one has posted any more…

  10. Yes i also think that Lynn deserves to be a lead anchor. When she fills in for belkys she does a much better job than belkys. I also think that tiffani tucker deserves a chance to be behind the anchor desk


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