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KPRC Unveils Their Boring New Set


KPRC, when I saw that station for the first time I thought they were owned by someone from WSVN.

It was even crazier than the 7, big swooshy graphics, a studio that looked suspiciously like The Plex. Until recently they looked like a WSVN clone from 90s.

Then when KPRC’s ratings tanked they decided it was time for a change and unveiled a brand new set. Very boring one at that. Typical

Here’s a video from their newscast showing off the new set. I can’t find any photos of the previous one to compare but the new digs look very bare and sterile

New Set video

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  1. wow how borning..I hate these Same Sets that all the stations have. I like SVN’s newsplex cause its unique not alot of other stations have that.

  2. yea its as if its a step backwards those newsets whent out a long time ago in most of the county (ofcourse x-cept those getto markets), when i see that ancient setup, i feel as though im gathering information from a really cheep and cheezy possiably unreliable news organization, 7’s def got the best design id ever seen even since the eairly days and their channel 7 station in boston (whdh) is also very impressive indeed!


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