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NBC 2.0 Slaps WTVJ; Single Anchor Format at 11pm


NBC 2.0 has come to town and claimed its first casualty. NBC has decided not to renew Michael Williams’ contract and he’ll be out as of January leaving, probably, Jackie Nespral handling the 11pm newscast by herself (and the little elfs behind the scenes).

I’d personally vote to have Julia Yarbough (sp?) anchor the 11pm.

As many of you know we have been exploring new formats and evolving our newscasts. Beginning January 2007 we are moving to a single anchor format for our 11pm newscast. As a result, Michael Williams will be leaving NBC6 at the end of the year and will look for other anchor opportunities inside and outside the company.

Michael has played a significant role as a reporter and anchor. His passion for great journalism and his personal integrity has made our product and our people better. We are grateful for all he has contributed.

Please join me in wishing Michael the very best in his future endeavors.

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  1. As I said earlier it is a waste to fire him, they should make him a reporter like he used to be. Thats where his talent is best suited, and why not put Tony Segreto at 11? Do people dislike him????

  2. Well not only that but New net or what what they called the news at noon is done with also. IVillage live has replaced it. Dont think that IVillage well last long.

  3. Jackie will be anchoring by herself and many people are worried that she won’t be able to do it. She can’t speak if she doesn’t have a Teleprompter. I-village did debut today…sucked! Tony is washed up according to management. We all love him. He deserves better, but they don’t feel he was bringing in the ratings either. What do you guys think? Who should be the 11pm team? There has been a lot of talk about Joel playing some sort of role in a bigger anchor chair. Pam Gigante was being tested for the 11pm. Lets get some ideas out there and atart a revolution.

  4. umm acouple of questions here…. With the firing of Michael Williams from NBC6 does this also mean he well no longer be anchoring the CW News at @ 10?? I dont really like NBC 6 at night. Ever since the Martha left for orlando it has not been the same IMO. Does this also mean that a new co-anchor well be added to CW news @ 10 or well it just be julia by herself???

  5. Very sad to hear that Michael Williams is out. He’s such a class act and a true journalist. NBC6 has no idea what they are doing over there … ratings have been in the slums … start a 7 PM newscast and maybe people will watch.

  6. oh and i tired watching IVillage… GOD i would weither watch The View 3 times a day than to have to watch this show. It was horrible. All No names, notting really stand out about it.

  7. I guess yes, he’s leaving NBC6 and they produce CW @ 10.
    I agree though I liked the Martha too, with Yarbough

    I’ll speculate and say Julia is flying solo at 10p on 39 and Jackie alone at 11p on 6.

  8. I am sorry to hear that Michael Williams will be leaving NBC6. He was a great addition to their team. I don’t know how much of Jackie Nespral I can take. It seems as if the big honchs at NBC6 have been pushing for an “all Jackie” network! She’s all over the place.

    NBC Insider I hope you are right with Joel taking a bigger anchor role. He should be the main anchor for NBC6. Better yet as I mentioned before…he should be the only anchor on the “all Joel” network! He brings in the ratings…unfortunately Tony, Jackie and Michael don’t!

    Good luck Joel…I hope you get the main anchor position. You truly deserve it!

  9. single anchor format… i hope thier ratings fall even lower so they see it will not work.
    need double anchor i belive

  10. If they are going with the single anchor format, Jackie Nespral is not the anchor to do it with. Trust men. I like Julia, she is good. They could pair her with someone else. They need a strong anchor to take them out of the slump. The need outside help. They have to start shopping for a well statured male anchor. THey need one.

    I dont think they had to get rid of him but he wouldnt have been my choice for main co-anchor. I wonder if these people who make these choices dont have any sense. I could have told them it wouldnt have work. I have been saying for a long time too that they need to get rid of Tony Segretto. But no, they wait until the ship completely sunk.

    Like I said though, William wasnt a good choice for main anchor. The next person they need to remove from main anchor duties is Jackie Nespral. She is just not working it. Her voice does not quite make the cute. The need serious re-structuring.

  11. I find it interesting that so many comment that a major change or major reconstruct or a major anything needs to happen (and not just with NBC or 6).

    My question is, They should model the new whatever station after what? We all know there is very little REAL creativity. There are really not many new roads carved into by set designers, production, etc. So, after what station will the new NBC6 be modeled? and Why that station?

  12. I have to disagree with Mr. Jamboi at least partly. I do aggree that if they are going to do a solo anchor format, they need a strong anchor. But I believe Tony would be perfect. And I do not believe that the ship is sinking because of him, they only have Tony anchoring now at 6 – that couldnt have dragged them down anymore then where they are at now. Jose Diaz Balart and Jennifer Vallopi made the perfect pair at 5 – they should keep Tony and Jackie at 6 and put Tony by himself at 11. What is wrong with Tony Mr. Jamboi?

  13. Another comment for Mr. News 1 – I do believe that a single anchor format will work for 6 at 11 b/c if you’ve been watching their new “SF Tonight” newscast, most of the reporters dont have anchor lead ins – they make it really fast paced from reporter to reporter – I think that is good because it allows them more time to report the news, rather then just have the anchor repeat what the reporter is going to tell us anyway.

  14. David,

    For one, he is not the easiest thing on the eyes. He presence does not convince. Sad, but that is what we go by these days. Notice I said, well satured man. That is what moves the product. Somone who can command attention (Rob, Dwight and the short but cute Craig Stephens.)

    Secondly, he does the news as if he is still doing sport.

    Look, he obviously wasnt working at 5 and 11 hence his duties got cut back.

    Anchoring the news is about glamour too. Not just have the ability to speak well. In previous posts I’ve said the news is accessible on the internet and other places where I can get it at my own convenience. There must be other reasons for me wanting to tune to everyday. That could either be a great set, great graphics or a captivating ANCHOR. I am sorry, Tony is not that right now. If that was the case, he would still be on at 5 and 11.

    I predicted it and it happen. I also did the same with Michael Williams and it happened. I am not writing because I feel like. I am a consumer as well as seller.

  15. I also happen to be a Tony fan. I think part of the problem at 6 & 11 is that he’s paired with Jackie. When he does the news with Kelly Craig, the two of them seem very relaxed and they “click.” Now, I know Kelly’s not going to be main anchor again, but I do think Tony would be a good solo anchor, far better than Jackie anchoring by herself and probably better than when he anchors with Jackie.

    I think it’s a shame Michael is leaving the station. He wasn’t a great anchor, but he doesn’t deserve to be kicked to the curb. He’s a great reporter.

  16. good grief, I’ve like Jackie since the 97 Marlins World Series run( she traveled with Tony to the games), but has been and will always be a second banana…the “gee isnt it hot, lets go on over to Roland” type.

    TVJ has one true solo anchor…BOB MAYER. he is a true pro. Kelly Craig and Tony are second and third. Some may forget that Kelly was an anchor years ago, until someone thought she want “young” enough. bunk

    She has chemistry with anyone. She make everyone look good. Mayer and Segreto have the same qualities. Plus they can think on their feet and have years of experience in South Florida.

    I remember when Renick started to slip…they said the pairing of Rinker and Bishop (then Dwight) was the death blow to the “single authoritarian” anchorman (hello Ron Burgundy).

    I doubt we’ve come full circle.

    Look how Laurie Jennings has brought stability back to PLG. Dwight has dropped the head bobs and dramatic movements. People care about the anchor…they want to know about Laurie’s twins. sprinkle in a few stories about roaches in the local Burger Kings and lotto results and boom youre tops at 11pm.

    and I feel bad for Segreto…they wouldnt let him do the Dolphins play by play and now we’re cursed with the boring Cefalo game calls…ugh.

    stay classy,FURLEY OUT!

  17. NBC6 is cutting the budget as much as possible. Michael saved them 160,000 per year. I am surpirsed they haven’t cut Jackie who makes over 700,000 per year or Joel who makes over 250,000 per year. NBC6 has decided to promote Jackie as a news veteran who is planted firmly in South Florida. That is the image they want. As for Michael, he will not be anchoring anything. He has not been fired though. His contract just wasn’t renewed. There were discussion abou thaving Pam, Joel and Paul do the 11pm with Joe Rose but that never happened. I think they shoul dbomb the 5pm hour long format and put Joel and someone else together. Too bad it wasn’t Joel and Martha. Joel is a great anchor. he is funny and real and not aloof like so many other anchors. He’s a little young to be the main guy but 5pm would suit him well. A 5:30pm newscast would even be better. They won’t be bringing in a second anchor. Single anchors is the way NBC is going, Philadelphia has done it and other stations will as well.

  18. No way Joel makes 250k. And no way Michael made 160K. If that were the case, they’d be dumping Joel instead of Michael.
    Joel is a dork who thinks he’s Miami’s gift from above. He needs to wake up. He’s the only person in this business who can go from being a top reporter in the #2 market to weekends in Miami, market #16. Am I missing something here?
    If the way things are going at the other affils is any indication, the cuts at 6 aren’t over just yet.. Who’s next to go?

    All the other O&O’s are getting rid of 3 and 4 members of their top talent. Look at NY and DC. There have to be more heads rolling in Miami.

  19. I believe it was a few weeks ago that rumors had surfaced surrounding the future of Lonnie Quinn… and something about WCBS (CBS Ch. 2) in New York wanting to hire him on as a weather forecaster. IMO, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of it.

    With NBC letting Michael Williams go… I wonder who might be next to walk the plank?

  20. A lot of the discussion here has been about ratings. One thing we don’t understand is why management doesn’t see who brings in teh numbers. Mornings are number 1, so LOnnie, Pam and Bo bring viewers to the table. Weekends are also number 1, so Joel must be doing something right. The 5pm is in the toilet. The six is varily good with Tony at the helm. Weekend morningd with Kelly are number 1 as well.

  21. Lonnie is leaving? I had not heard that. Trina drives me crazy. Love Pam and Bob. Ivillage needs to be tanked NOW!!! I would have rather seen Starting Over or repeats of the entertainment shows.

  22. If Jackie’s amking over 700,000k a year, they’re wasting their money.
    She’s not good enough to bring the viewers in, as evidenced by the horrid ratings. And solo, ugh.

  23. I find it hard to believe she is making that much. Dwight Lauderdale isnt making that much. The figure isnt right. And how do you pay Joel that much to be a weekend anchor. I think if you’re going to more than you would your main anchor, you must think he is better. If that is the case, why pay him the big bucks to show him off two days out of the week.

    But seriously, if Nespral is making that much, it is a serious waste of money. There is nothing special about her. I wonder who is making those decisions as WTVJ. How on earth can you be paying someone to keep you in last position. PEOPLE! IT IS NOT WORKING.

  24. I think Tony resigned a new contract for around 300 or so but I am not sure. I think Joel is getting so much becsue he came from Los Angeles where reporters are getting over 160 just to report. I’m not sure about Toney though. But, the word around the station is Jackie gets around 700.

  25. Oh, I missed Chopper Dave’s comment – why do you think Joel was demoted. From what I know, he left Los Angeles and took an anchor position from a reporter position. It pays more and it was an upward move. Chopper Dave – you are way off. They are not firing people at NBC6 becasue of salaries. It’s based on ratings.

  26. Well, I’m a little late in the discussion lol but I agree with the posters that are happy Michael Williams left. Sure, you could get the info, but he wasn’t interesting to watch! He was better as a reporter but would be even better as a reporter for like… the sun-sentinel lol.

    I don’t like the plan for a single anchor at 11…. and I don’t like Jackie should do it.

    I also agree that Tony should be on more. Him and Julia at 11 would be great.
    I don’t watch much at 11 anyway though. I watch daily at 6(AM), and I don’t even deal with 6 in the afternoons/evenings.

  27. of course this is about budgets…

    that’s why WCAU in philly is doing something similar..
    solo anchors at 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm!
    that’s why WRC in DC is dumping a veteran female anchor, entertainment reporter, and news reporters
    that’s why WNBC got rid of a longtime medical reporter and reporter/anchor…

    they’re all under the gun to cut costs…
    i know in DC they’ve been asking anchors to take paycuts if they stay… i’m sure that’s company wide..

    and there’s no WAY A weekend anchor there… or anywhere is making 250k.. sorry joel those days are over!

  28. Who are you people? I have never seen so many people so concerned about what someone makes or if they are going to get fired. I am assuming you all either don’t have jobs and you are very envious of people in the news business or you work in the business and you love to gossip and talk about stuff you don’t know anything about. It’s just television news. They aren’t doing anything that’s earth shattering. I thought this site would talk about what’s good and bad about television news and what stories could make it bettr. Instead, people are talking about how some guy name Joel Conable is not or is making lots of money, how some guy name Andre Hsmpkins is fine – by the way that’s how you spell it, not Fuine or whatever. Gossip, gossip, gossip…If you are all concerned so much with what people make, why don’t you call these people and ask? I don’t understand the debate here. These people are on television for a reason. You guys are not, for a reason. Okay, I”m ready, here come the angry responses fom TV News Nerd City.

  29. I am a student at the University of Central Florida studying broadcast journalism. I grew up as a kid watching Channels 4, 6, 7 and 10, even when 4 was 6 and vise versa. I’ve been through so many different anchors and set changes, layoffs ect. I first knew I wanted to be a journalist when I was 7 and my mom got me a tour of WTVJ, back then it was channel 4 in Miami. I met Bob Mayer, Bob Weaver and Tony Segreto and was inspired by them ever since and a loyal fan. In high school I worked for Broward Teen News, and my interest in the bussiness grew rapidly. In middle school I got a tour of Channel 4 (WFOR), and in high school I toured 6 and 10. It is interesting to me to see how these stations have changed. All of us who read this blog aren’t really concerned with news peoples’ slaries. Rather the purpose of this blog, Mr. Whoareupeople, is to inform people about the happenings at the local TV stations, not to disclose anchors’ salaries. However the people that read this blog are entitled to share there ideas and knowledge. That may seem wierd to you, but it certaintly is not to us. As for you commenting that all of those who read this blog are jobless, well you need money to buy a computer and to have internet access, so Im pretty sure all of us have jobs. I know I have three jobs plus school. I am sure there are people on here that are even personalities, and I know for sure that there are several employees of the local stations that write on this site, like Mr. Insider and Mr. NBC insider. You are right about us being TV News nerds, but I am sure that you are a nerd in whatever field you are in. Unless you are a fucking looser and dont have any field at all. By the way, Im not angry about your comment and I hope this posting dosent come across that way. I do have a question for you Mr. Whoareupeoplel, what was your purpose for that posting? If you think this site is so stupid, why write was your valuable time writing on it?

  30. Newsnewsnews, what days are you talking about when you say those days are over? Usually when anyone has a contract to sit behind a desk for more than a single show-i.e.(beyond just anchoring a Saturday morning show)-nine times out of ten the anchor is payed six figures-albeit may be a low six figure, but it is still six figures…

  31. As someone who worked with Joel Connable for years in Los Angeles, who cares what he makes. I worked with him in Los Angeles and if you people really care, here’s Joel’s inside info: He makes more than 200 in Miami. I know that for sure because I know his agent and saw his contract. But, no matter what Joel makes at WTVJ, his income comes from real estate. Joel owns houses in Malibu and rents them out. He owns hoem in Miami and rents them out. Trust me, Joel isn’t making his money from television. Joel also appreared in seevral movies and television shows and I’m sure he still gets residuals. I hope that puts the income questions to bed.

  32. Okay here is a list of everything Joel Connable has been in.

    Paparazzi – 2002
    Threat Matrix 2002
    Third Watch 2000
    Las Vegas 2004
    Law and Order 2001

    Notice “Buddy” that he has been in ONE MOVIE not MOVIES

  33. NBC (Washington, DC) is also dumping veteran sports anchor George Michael, as well as will be ending “The Sports Machine” show in March, 2007. Maybe their veteran female anchor Susan Kidd might decide to jump over to rival station WJLA (Allbritton-owned ABC affiliate), and be re-teamed with her former NBC co-anchor Doug McKelway. Just a thought.

    I’d much rather see NBC end “iVillage”, and bring back “Starting Over”. Not that I like to be negative. I’m hoping that NBC will be forced to cancel this show, sighting very poor ratings. Just my 2 cents.

  34. Who here has met Joel and who here can actually say that he isn’t a great person. Can we stop all the talk about what Joel makes or why he can’t be paid a lot of money. I work with Joel everyday and he is one of th enicest people I have ever met. He cares about this business. He works everyday to make it better even if there are people at our station who don’t like seeing people succeed. Joel does a great job. If you ask anyone in our newsroom about Joel, 9 out of 10 people will say his is a great reporter and a great guy. That’s what we need more of in this business. Joel doesn’t belong in Miami. This is just a step for him on his way to wherever he wants to go. If any of you had any gyts, you would put your realfirt and last names on your postings so people could see what you really think and not have you hiding behind a wall.

  35. At least I said what I do to marrow the field down. You guys make up names and no one knows who you are or where you work. That si what I meant.


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