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New Digs For CNN


/via TVNewser/CNN News Wall is part of a new state of the art studio at the CNN Time Warner center in New York City. Paula Zahn Now, 360 and American Morning will air from it. American Morning will begin airing from there on Monday.

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  1. Well I guess we can now all forgive CNN for shooting top shows like 360 and Paula Zahn Now in front of the green screen. I couldn’t believe those shows were done like that. But this certainly makes up for it.

    Between this set and the Situation Room’s set in D.C., CNN is at the top of the game when it comes to cutting edge news sets. Way to go!

    Now if only they can match the Situation Room’s awesome theme music…….

  2. Yeah, I love the new set, but Jason noone will ever beat the Situation Room’s theme music.


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